The Last Circular Around Krishnamurti's Work

February 2024


Also See: Investigative Report On KFT/Brockwood Mismanagement:

“I am, of course, saddened by the state of the foundation, mirrored as it is in the neglect of the Grove. I take no joy in stating that I could see this coming as far back as 15 years ago.  That the foundation has fallen into a fiefdom of personal ambition is most distressing.” One of J. Krishnamurti’s closest friends

"Love does not die (by itself). It can be murdered by thought, and that’s the tragedy of our (thought-dominated) civilization." Reza Ganjavi

The Last Circular Around Krishnamurti's Work

This is my final circular as an attempt to close all files related to some pathetic organizations etc. around J. Krishnamurti which have been nothing more than a disgrace to him and a waste of time. Also covering positive aspects of his work and some fine people associated with it. I declare KFA and KFT - two of the three K foundations as absolutely hopeless. The fourth foundation (KFL) seems to have died out. And the "Fifth Foundation" (Friedrich Grohe's Gang) has turned out to be very problematic due to extensive research we conducted. Much more information follows.


For a period of several years I wrote circulars around the work of J. Krishnamurti - from philosophical ideas to commentary on his organizations, etc. 

At some point the Friedrich Grohe Gang took over (via his employee Rabindra Singh and their poor choice as usual, Jaap Sluijter) the core of power at KFA and KFA which was already poorly managed, fast-tracked downhill and got doomed as a hopeless organization in my book.

At the end of 2020, I was called on to investigate disturbing reports at KFT (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, UK). It took two years of investigation, as a part of a task force that included former trustees and close friends of Krishnamurti, former students, staff, parents, volunteers donors etc., and some seventy (70) testimonies, for us to get to the root causes of the issues, which turned out to be with a weak board of trustees, and Friedrich Grohe & his Gang, Again! 

Research about KFT/ Brockwood Park School Mismanagement

Friedrich Grohe has helped the foundations but I think he's hurt them even more. That's discussed extensively in this document: Friedrich Grohe and his Gang's Influence Mongering.

For now, let us say this is the final circular. Since the last circular, I've gathered material for a publication, but once I deemed KFA to be hopeless, the topic became non-time-sensitive and I was busy with other things -- but now it's time to empty my digital consciousness and move on.

I'm authoring multiple articles at the same time. 

The organization of this circular may not be optimal but like I said I'm fed up with the entire topic of how human greed and stupidity dragged down the work of a great man -- which is something K himself predicted but now we're witnessing it live! 

Bastardizing Krishnamurti by His Pathetic, Useless, Hopeless Foundations (KFA, KFT)

Krishnamurti's pathetic foundations continues to bastardize his teachings. I came across a disgusting video called "Krishnamurti. We Have No Love" which I believe K would fume if he saw it and would say "darn, I should have dissolved that pathetic foundation KFI, which I called idiotic and wanted to close it down". I guess the "immeasurable" YouTube channel is a bastardization of K's work by KFA and KFT -- I don't know the degree of cooperation but know KFA has a hand in it.

Whoever did that video was probably on drugs or had some mental disorder or creepy state of mind to create such a horrible trash out of K's work: putting all that artificial echo on hits voice, add the creepiest horrible garbage "music" or rather noise in the background, and augment the trash with creepy visuals. What a shame really, but then you can only expect garbage to come out of garbage. 

Work of a great man is bastardized, despite his decades of warning about it. Poor Krishnamurti!

Someone sent me a link to another pathetic garbage video called "Jiddu Krishnamurti-What is Love?". What a shame really. K talked at length about dangers of distortion of his teachings. Whoever idiots made this video put a horribly loud obnoxious garbage quality "music" on it which is louder than K's voice. I guess they were inspired by the trash that the "immeasurable" puts out. Poor Krishnamurti.

Meeting Krishnamurti  -  by Reza Ganjavi

My Initial Impression As Teenager Turned Out To Be True

When I first started reading K as a teenager (met him 15 times after finishing Think on These Things, shook hands several times with him, and he gave me a flower) -- I didn't want to have anything to do with people who were in K circles. As a teenager coming to this afresh, my sense was those people could only distract me from the exploration of this sublime, deep work. 

Over the years, I came to meet a few lovely, genuine, deep people in the K circles, but the above paragraph proved to be true and the vicious, jealous, stupid people who hang out in these circles, including some who were "close" to Krishnamurti, wasted so much of my time and caused a lot of distress. But perhaps it was my dharma to go through that and document it for history. There is not a lot of documentation on how great teachings were corrupted over time, but history is full of such cases -- and the idiots around this work who simply do not have the education and wisdom to understand that, contribute to that decedent movement -- and that's particularly sad because K warned about it. 

If he were a guru, a charlatan or even an ordinary person, we would expect his legacy to get corrupted, but K saw this coming, and warned about it -- yet -- desire for power, control over money, egotism, self-centered motives dominated the precious teachings, and that movement is so blunt and shameless to think it is helping or promoting the teachings. K made it very clear: to disseminate something you have to live it. He did not make a doctrine to live or disseminate -- he simply provided challenges and pointers which are stern, frank, blunt, painful at times -- big questions that require investigation that can be very disruptive to the very structure of the psychological sense of self and its greed. So it often takes the back seat. Not many have their eyes on the divine, as K would put it -- The divine not A divine or his divine or mine -- that which is beyond time and space, memory and desire, habits and preoccupations, suffering and sorrow, problems and obsession for conclusions -- that which is eternal, source of everything, and no human stupidity can disrupt its peace, quietness, grandeur. 

Artifacts From My Archives

Presentation About KFA: 28 Years After K's Death

Professor Thomas Metzinger

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger's work is the only vital work I see related to K's work. His book The Elephant and the Blind is fascinating, which I highly recommended reading. The table of contents is a refreshing sight, and while it is in a different league in terms of academic credibility compared to Mr. J. Krishnamurti's important work, but it resonates with me a similar perfume of fresh insight that is so prevalent in Krishnamurti's books, and so badly missing at Krishnamurti Foundations in the West (KFA, KFT).

Erna Lilliefelt / Krishnamurti Didn't Want To Be Reborn In India?

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Erna Lilliefelt wrote to me an email. Until then we were communicating via letter. I had visited her and her husband Theo at her house in Ojai before and we had fruitful dialogues. Erna and Theo were both Trustees of KFA when there was still hope for KFA. Years later, it's slipped in the decaying path of mediocrity. 

Mark Lee had told me that K had said he didn't want to die in India so he's not reborn in India. 

Mary Zimbalist had denied this in an email of 25 Jul 1998: 

"Greetings Reza, That story is untrue. Krishnaji never told me that. He was not well enough to continue his speaking engagements and wanted to return to Ojai. He never spoke to my knowldge about being reborn - in India or anywhere else. Best wishes, Mary"

Erna wrote me back and then we talked on the phone. On 19 August 1998 she wrote: 

"Dear Reza,  How great that I can acknowledge your welcome letter via e-mail.  It is so much easier than writing and mailing and all that entails.  My e-mail is: <>.  This will be easier for you too.  It was good to hear from you and learn what you are doing and

where.  Yes, I miss Theo and always will.  He died this past April 29 after a long and debilitating illness.  He had been down here at the Victorian Care Center for 1,l/2 years before he died.  Last August l997 I sold our house in Ojai and moved down here at the adjoining retirement home for seniors so that I could be near him.  I was able to be with him almost constantly for the last six months of his life.  So my new address is: Erna Lilliefelt, 5440 Ralston St. Apt. 344, Ventura, CA 93003.  Tel: (805) 650-4281. and the e-mail as above.  I have lost pretty much all contact with Ojai and burned my bridges behind me there. 

Life here is relatively simple and I enjoy my computer which I have been using a lot, particularly since Theo died.  Many thanks for writing; all the very best to you in your adventures of living.  Keep in touch. Glad you are still involved in your guitar.  Sorry I do not remember Pepe Romero, but my memory is not that great any more.  As I do remember, I think, is that Pablo Casals was also very much influenced by K.  Warmest greetings,  Erna Lilliefelt"

We spoke subsequently and she told me K indeed told her as he told another that he didn't want to die in India because he didn't want to come back as an Indian. He was extremely ill and tired, just arrived from airport, walked to the cottage and sat on the bed and told Erna this. She hasn't told this to anyone other than Theo and me. But reportedly he repeated this to another so it was on his mind (or Erna told Mark Lee). A mystery!

More Evidence of Jaap Sluijter Lying & Horrible Mismanagement of KFA

Jaap Sluijter is on record for having said multiple lies, and horrible cases of mismanagement of the Krishnamurti Foundation America. I've documented some of these here:

Congratulations to Friedrich Grohe's Gang for another disaster recruitment, based on the report that Rabindra Singh (Grohe's man) took Jaap to KFA and without the big money Grohe lineage support Jaap would have never found so much power, which made his mismanagement of the foundation even more harmful to K's legacy, in my opinion. Grohe Gang also had some other horrible recruitments at KFT which is illustrated in this investigative report:

Jaap Sluijter Irresponsibly Disrupting A Family's Life

EXCERPT FROM Letter From Victim Of Jaap Sluijter's Abysmal Mismanagement is in this section:

K's Stern Wish To Not Be Mixed With Anything

"They don’t trust that K's work is sufficient so they need to dilute it. Make it into a yoga center…" A long term staff member of KFA.

A former Trustee and close personal friend of Krishnamurti, Mr. Alan Kishbaugh told me "K didn't have wishes, he had injunctions to us to care for the land and preserve the teachings.  And, to not mix him up with anything."

But of course, being the idiotic foundation that Krishnamurti thought them to be, KFA, in hands of reckless management style of Jaap Sluijter and Mark Lee, did not abide by that wish -- just as Mark Lee did not abide by the express wish of K not to have the Foundation's money speculated in risky investments (which led to loss of millions of the Foundation and its negative repercussions). 

Jaap Sluijter thinks questioning himself, the Trustees, the Foundation on why they dilute K's teachings with other things, against his express will, as disturbance, even as the questioning is done in the most polite, civil way. His finding that question as disturbing is a clear illustration that something is wrong.

Petanjali At The KFA!

Another disaster of Jaap's Directorship at KFA. Details are in the page about him -- along with lots of other goodies why I believe Jaap is the worst thing that happened to K's work including Rajagopal.

Vedic Chant at The KFA: Jaap Sluijter, Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA) vs. Krishnamurti 

My article:

Byron Katie at KFA!!! 

Talk about diluting / mixing Krishnamurti, against his express will. Byron Katie was featured in Krishnamurti "Immeasurable" Podcast!! Poor Krishnamurti !!

"Just to get people there"

One Trustee told me, they do these other things that have nothing to do with Krishnamurti because "just to get people there". Try Kali Puja !! Poor Krishnamurti !!

How about treating people better? I know several people including myself who don't want to put their foot in that place because of the way they were mistreated or harassed or bullied or assaulted or given a hard time for no valid reason.

Several former Trustees are alienated by the place. Some are disgruntled at Mark Lee or Jaap Sluijter. One former Trustee told me "we gave everything we had - money - career..." but he hasn't gone there once in the last 20 years although he's nearby because of being disgruntled at the place.

Mark Lee said: "People who got it come and go and never come again". Why? It's not because "they got it". It's because of the way the place is run which appears to be just centered around money, power, ego, and in a dictatorial, heavy handed manner, especially under Jaap Sluijter. 

Good marketer know that it costs a lot less to keep an existing customer than to obtain new ones. The disgusting way, in my opinion, that Jaap runs KFA, is absolutely out of line with Krishnamurti's spirit, presence, ethos, values, vibration, as many of us who met him knew it -- and it's against K's basic teachings and things he warned about for decades including tribal thinking, psychological image making, etc. --  it is soooo divergent from K's values that I literally perceive it as disgusting. K was so much about love, sensitivity, caring, compassion, affection, which is intelligence. Jaap Sluijter's culture is the opposite -- lacking those core elements in my view and experience and experience of several others. Karen Hesli tried to justify it by saying it's because he's Dutch. But that's not an excuse. Also see my article "Impressions of The Netherlands".

The behavior that Jaap Sluijter has brought to KFA is so incredibly contradictory to what Krishnamurti stood for, that I call it a disgrace to Krishnamurti, and worst thing that happened to K, including Rajagopal. 

One former supporter said "it's not K's atmosphere".

Letter To Dr. Satish Inamdar Re: KFA, Saanen Gatherings

Dr. Satish Inamdar was a great man. A medical doctor. Very intelligent. Good grasp of K's work. He led the Valley School in Bangalore for a long time. 

I found this letter I wrote him. It talks about KFA and Saanen Gatherings in response to his question. You can see the history of KFA's recklessness goes way back. Jaap Sluijter, Rabindra Singh and company just fast tracked it downhill.

9 November 1996 - Chalet Solitude   [I was staying at Friedrich Grohe's marvelous chalet]


Dear Satish:


Thank you very much for your letter. I am in Rougemont for a couple of days. I just spent 2 weeks in Iran. There is no K committee there, so I brought the translators together, etc.. The first Farsi translator said she had such a strong urge to do the translations that she was willing to risk going to jail. K books get published with some government censorship.


Unlike the West, Iran's society provides very little means of entertainment. Many young people are exposed to K. Some find it too idealistic in such a heavily traditional society. Many others are avid fans.

[Some Rumi scholars say K helped them understand parts of Rumi they had not understood clearly before.]

[After Ahmadinejhad, K's books became harder to find in book stores.]

[To be clear, I am NOT a follower of K. Just a friend, and I disagree with some of the things he said.]


Spent 2 weeks in California before that. In Ojai, went to the opening night of the KFA's semi-annual dialogues - On Fear. The speaker was a "existential, phenomenological psychotherapist", (wife of one of the trustees). She was terrible. One lady in the audience who had come all the way from Georgia challenged the speaker. I was not so much reacting to it as I was finding it sad. I asked one question, and she said what she was saying was contradictory to K's teachings - then why is she speaking at a KFA event? But by the end she said her lecture is "complementary" to K - as though K needs a complement. Her approach was basic traditional analysis (paralysis!) based on hope of continuity, etc..


You asked me about the Saanen gatherings. The nature is beautiful and the gathering of people is holy, but the program and some of the speakers needed help. I am tired of being tired of bad speakers. On the last day one lady said, every year I feel miserable, I come here, and I leave feeling better! So, in a way Saanen is pilgrimage, as you suggested, for some - why don't people resolve their problems in daily life rather than once a year, or in some therapy group? I made suggestions about the program, but I don't think anything will change. It hasn't changed in the 4 years that I've gone. So, it will not change - though change is possible.


Life is full of mystery and magic and despite tremendous uncertainty one is very happy.


Very Best Regards,

Reza Ganjavi

Professor Krishna's Book

“Do not dominate anybody and do not let anybody dominate you.” Krishnamurti’s last message to Professor Krishna, on his deathbed. 

Professor Padmanabhan Krishna wrote a fine book called "A Jewel on a Silver Platter". It's a monumental work -- a summary of the life of two great men. I was not happy to see the forward by Ravi Ravindra who is clueless about Krishnamurti. See the relevant section in this circular and

Dr. Krishna's book is full of gems. Here are a couple: 


On his deathbed K told him “Sir, I am surrounded by people who have not the foggiest idea what I am talking about!”   That is very significant. See my article "The Myth of Nobody Got It":

Who was surroundering him who had no clue what he talked about? On top of the list in my view are Mark Lee and Michael Krohnen. 

I elaborate on this idea that KFA was largely driven by people who had no clue what K was talking about -- and it just got worse as time went by to the state it is today in the file about why in my view Jaap Sluijter is a disgrace to J. Krishnamurti:


Once Krishnaji was asked to summarize his entire teaching in one sentence. He said,” Attempt, without effort, to live with death, in timeless silence”.


In 1981 at Rajghat when someone asked him [Krishnamurti] why it was so difficult to understand his teaching he replied.” The teachings are not out there in a book. You are not to understand the teachings; you are to understand yourself. The teachings are only a means of explaining the necessity of understanding yourselves. What the speaker says acts as a mirror in which you can look at yourself. When you look at yourself very carefully, the mirror will not be important. You will be able to throw it away!” 


My Talk At Indian Study Circle


KFI Trustee, Mr. Shripati Dubey kindly invited met o speak at their JK Circle. Excerpt from the invitation:

Dear Mr. Reza Ganjavi,

Greetings from Rajghat, Varanasi! You will surely be surprised to see this mail from a stranger so let me introduce myself...

… I am writing this mail on behalf of the Indore J.K. study circle, to request you, if you could speak on any Sunday, in June 2021 ,on a subject of your choice, at 11 am IST…  We all will be thankful if you will kindly accept this offer. In case you agree to speak before this group we would need a Theme... 

I love the quote at the end of his message, which is one of the core pointers K provides:  "If  you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation" -- J. Krishnamurti

The theme I spoke about was: Application of J. Krishnamurti's Teachings In "Real World" and the Myth of "Nobody Got It" 


Here's the talk: 


On Krishnamurti Books 

As time permits I gradually go through all the K books I read / studied / marked up (over 80) and I write about them in this file which will get updated from time to time:

Investigation of Gross Mismanagement of KFT / Brockwood Park School 

We submitted our findings (a 330+ page report) to the UK Charity Commission, and a number of other UK Governmental regulators. 

After two years of work (not full time, but still, a lot of work), for no pay, and having to endure KFT's idiotic attacks and empty threats and bogus police reports which the police didn't pursue obviously because KFT had no case (and it got proven that KFT lied to the police) and a recurring theme of dealing with a vicious group who's living so contrary to K's teachings, and is trying to hold to power and big money it controls at any price (see our 330+ page report to understand what KFT / Brockwood Park School was willing to do to people), I am so incredibly fed up with the entire official K world that I need a big break:

Many changes came as result of our investigation, both externally and internally as they tried to clean up their act, including changes in roles, in Board of Trustees, and even management change. Raman Patel was never keen on taking on such a front-facing role -- he preferred to pull strings from the background -- but after our report made it so crystal clear that Nasser Shamim was a total failure as an Executive Director of KFT, I believe to save face, Raman was made the Executive Director and came in the forefront, after being behind Nasser and supporting and empowering him for years. The save-face part was political as well since it was the Grohe influence via Raman who is part of the Gang as Grohe calls them, brought Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian to Brockwood, and the disaster that followed culminating in the collapse of Inwoods and firing of a very genuine, brilliant head of Inwoods whom the parents and children and the community absolutely loved. 

Our analysis shed a spotlight on the root causes of this and other disasters in mismanagement at KFT / Brockwood Park (such as brutal firings of several people in such improper ways that would make K roll in his grave had he not been cremated!). And Nasser, Mina, Raman, Friedrich, and others such as Bill Taylor and Antonio Autor emerged as some of the central figures. But the buck stops at the top and Nasser and Mina and Raman emerged clearly as core causes of the mismanagement. So once "sugar hit the fan" by our investigative report -- and all the things they tried to sweep under the rug came out in the open -- to save face, Nasser was pushed to the background and Raman came forward, reportedly reluctantly. Neither Nasser was qualified to be the head of KFT, nor Raman is. But status quo has a way of giving itself continuity.

Several other changes came about which is in the investigative report. 

Unfortunately the changes were not fundamental enough to uproot the problem because of the power of status quo. So at best Brockwood Park will be a mediocre school and KFT will be a hopeless, mediocre, self-centered, hypocritical organization which preaches dialogue but apparently dreads dialogue and accountability. The tragic part is K warned about this.

Both KFA and KFT went down the path of hopelessness, in my opinion based on deep analysis of the facts, because of the influence mongering, self-centeredness and incompetence of the Grohe Gang which emerged as a main power influence that led to serious governance issues, such as, for example, Raman Patel being head of KFT, who absolutely is not qualified in my view -- and catastrophic recruitments including of Nasser and Mina -- and Jaap Sluijter.  

When we started our research into KFT / Brockwood Park issues we had no idea what, if anything we would find. A diligent, absolutely untainted and unbiased and impartial research led to several recurring themes, such as Raman's role and power at KFT while he held no official position... the rest is history and documented in the report:

I believe KFA and KFT will continue to be hopeless organizations, as long as the governance / power structure that got them into this mess, the status quo, is still there.

Jaap Sluijter's Problem is NOT Because he is Dutch 

Also see my article "Impressions of The Netherlands" which shows Jaaps' horribleness is NOT because he's Dutch, contrary to what Karen Hesli said or was told that he's authoritarian and heavy handed etc. because he's Dutch, and that The Netherlands is authoritarian and hierarchical which is not true. 

But perhaps there is some truth to cultural influence in Jaap's brutality which is so contradictory to K's teachings and ethos. But rationalizing his behavior by saying it's because he'd Dutch is not fair and accurate. I looked into the subject in this article on The Netherlands:

Reza Ganjavi on Radha Sloss's Garbage Book

My article on Radha Rajagopal garbage book: Sloss Lives in The Shadow:

I originally corresponded with her in 1994.


I befriended the famous potter / artist Beatrice Wood and visited her at her house / gallery in Ojai -- and met Rosalind there -- Rajagopal's wife with whom K had a long-term affair (Radha Sloss's mother). Rosalind was had dementia but at her very old age still had a shining beautiful face.  

I played at Beatrice's birthday party - she was in her late 90's or early 100's. 

She wrote me a beautiful letter on 17 December 1993, about K, Rosalind, and Radha's tabloid book.


I've written about Albion Patterson previously. I used to visit him in Ojai. A very intelligent man with a very highly developed mind.  He lived with K in the 1930's.

Albion Patterson told me K and him used to go to movies that had sexy scenes because K said he likes to see his animal side come out so he becomes aware of it and be free from it... 

Before he passed away in his 90’s I used to visit Albion Patterson, an old-time friend, scholar, trustee, and housemate of K’s. He used to say, from time to time, that in these circles, there is too much talk, and not enough study, which has proved to be true over the years.

He was very critical of Mark Lee and didn't like him at all. Albion made some great points that years later turned out to be true -- the whole circus they made out of dialogue for example, which Mark himself discarded after years of promoting it, and boring endless dialogues about dialogue! 

Also see:

Javier Gomez Rodriguez -- Another Fake Guru Born Out Of The Friedrich Grohe Payroll/Gang

See big update to the file: 



Also, a lady wrote:  “Javier was so boring. He was giving a sermon. I was so fed up - probably many people also. It felt like I am again in Catholic Church. I needed to go away. Once he started he never stopped. In one meeting which you were also at, Javier kept talking and talking even when a donkey outside made a continues loud sound to which everyone was laughing. He didn’t notice the donkey giving a concert.”


She criticized Gisele for bringing these people like Javier to be so-called leaders. We don’t need leaders about this subject. It seems Gisele’s own small horizons which seems to be cultural conditioning, makes her want to have leaders and project that onto others, as though they want to have leaders – and some do – but anybody who really understood what K was talking about would be free of need for psychological authority…


She complained that they had the speaker at the prime spot and K video at siesta time – while the video/K could have been in the morning and the so called leader secondary; there was no need for such a leader.


These leaders were really nice and insightful people but when you put them on a pedestal it got so boring. K doesn’t need leaders. He points out something – let’s see if it’s true or not. Why do we need people to explain his words?


Once she asked Scott Forbes: can we do something to introduce K? Scott wisely said: he introduces himself. And he does.

Reza Ganjavi's Response to Kumar Swamy

Very loaded question -- "we" receiving "sacred" is a loaded concept by itself which assumes separation... the opposite is also loaded, i.e., that there is no separation...

Then the concept of being condemned to live in sorrow -- that's very loaded.

And then assumption that a certain condition is needed to supposedly receive that supposed sacredness by supposed entity that's separate from it...

And reference to the sacred by Krishnamurti or Joe Blow or X or Y makes no difference if that which is pointed to is something a person has never come in touch with, in a simple setting of life, whether it's in the smile of a child, a simple act of love and caring, a quiet night perceived with senses fully awake, etc etc

So I feel that question can be stripped and distilled... 

"He has clear and deep mind and heart lines. From knowing him personally I can attest to that. An incredibly intelligent man and a very big deep heart. First time we shook hands he looked at me in the eyes and there was love pouring out of his eyes." Reza Ganjavi

A Lady's Complaint To KFA About Abusive Sexual Language and Conduct by Michael Krohnen 

Catching up with my archive for this last circular and to flush the subject of Krishnamurti organizations from my consciousness including digital contents of my consciousness, I came across this letter sent to the KFA by a lady who was devastated at KFA's library in Ojai because of misconduct by Michael Krohnen. She left the library crying. More details here: 

Vulgar Librarian Michael Krohnen Assaulted Me In the Krishnamurti Library

Catching up with my archive for this last circular and to flush the subject of Krishnamurti organizations from my consciousness including digital contents of my consciousness, here's a report on Michael Krohnen assaulting me in the Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA) Library:

KFA & Transparency 

For many many years the names of the Trustees of KFA were on their website. Jaap Sluijter took their names off, which perfectly fits his other behavior, and statements like saying he can get the Board to do anything he wants. Jaap would have never been so powerful if it weren't for having the backing of Rabindra Singh who would have never been so powerful had he not been on payroll of Friedrich Grohe. 

I heard recently that Jaap has said they also took the names of KFA's dialogue facilitators off their website because they were being harassed. That shows something is wrong. Why would anyone harass a dialogue facilitator? I can only think of the root cause as the organization which promotes "dialogue" has no clue what real dialogue is -- as evidenced by its Executive Director's horrible actions and absolute refusal to have dialogue, even when their own trustee, Michael Mendizza told him to do so in order to clarify an issue that Jaap had caused in relationship to me -- but Jaap refused because he had lied, and he did not face the truth because he appears as a coward who makes a mess for improper motives (e.g. kissing up to Friedrich Grohe -- and trying to quash criticism and scrutiny because he may have forgotten that KFA is not a private club. KFA is a non-profit tax-exempt "charitable" entity which is accountable to the people of California and Krishnamurti was a public figure and what happens in his foundations is a matter of public interest. 

So in a typical hypocritical way that K warned about, they don't live the teachings but they try to promote it. Jaap's own behavior in my view is extremely contradictory to K's core teachings, and the combination of Jaap, Friedrich Grohe and his gang's influence, and not so smart people like Mark Lee, have made KFA a hopeless organization, in my opinion. 

Scott Forbes' Book "Preparing to Leave" is Priceless


K said no secretary or president of his foundation should have any other job. They were to be committed full time to their foundation responsibilities and the teachings


He illustrates how K could not tolerate a lady Trustee perhaps because of what said was her emotions and devotion which K felt were bad for him -- whether he saw other things in her that made him react so negatively is unknown.


He also could not handle another Trustee lady -- I can totally understand that given how clueless she was about his teachings (their dialogues are like pulling teeth).


Mark Lee also comes across for what I have also perceived.


There are also hints of Friedrich Grohe's early influence mongering at the foundations which got worse over the year.

Mark Lee's Delusions

Here's a page on Mark Lee:

Online Review of KFA Under Jaap Sluijter's "Leadership"

I came across this online: 

[This was not written by me. It has spelling and typographic errors but here it is in verbatim form - but I deleted some potentially defamatory remarks]

"The Krishnamurti Foundation of Ojai, California was formed to disseminate the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti a world renowned teacher and preserve his home as a retreat. However, the new director [Jaap Sluijter] with the help of the board of directors uses foundation funds <>, something Krishnamurti was opposed to. $400000 of dwindling funds were used to build a yoga facility without bathrooms or utilities , something the local community has in abundance, and other frivolous projects Krishnamurti would oppose. Meanwhile, the buildings and his [Krishnamurti's] home where [were] badly damaged due to poor maintenance and neglect . While it says your donations can go to education, books, or maintain the property, the fine print says the funds are to be used at the total discretion of the director [Jaap Sluijter], which <>. <> are disgusted with the mismanagement of the Ojai California foundation and are rightfully withholding support. Krishnamurti was one of the greatest thinkers of his time and would be appalled at what has transpired in his name. If you wish to support his teachings buy books and materials and donate them to schools and prisons. Do not support the directors lavish lifestyle and foolish /failing <>. Little of your donations <>."

Rising From Ashes: Unpublished Circular Related To J. Krishnamurti's Philosophy

I found notes in my digital backlog for a circular in 2005 that was never released. Here are some excerpts that are still relevant:


Krishnamurti Foundation Dialogue is Like Pulling Teeth

“Dialogue” was like pulling teeth. The week before it was much more sensible with David Skitt there and an outspoken professor who was a newcomer to K.

At this week’s event I felt like crying. The poor man spent 60 years, talk after talk, going over some subjects which apparently people who followed him, against his wishes, who are now figures who run his dialogues, or those who carry a socially respectable façades to manage their neurosis dominate events organized and presented in his name.

Once again I saw this arrogance of ignorance. Arrogance of sitting in a far comfortable position and saying it can’t be done. “We” cannot do it.

Why have you not done it after being at it for 30 or 50 years? And isn’t it interesting that the same mind makes K into an idol. Isn’t it the very act of idol-making that prevents one from seeing what one is in the moment?

Why are some of these old timers who are so close to this so clueless? Their numbers are luckily not many but their roles are significant enough that makes one worry, not only for their own sake, as there is affection and friendship, but for what they tell “the man from Seattle” who comes to these places.

Isn’t it time to stop being polite, not to be impolite, but to see the utter ridicule of the comfortable arrogant “can’t do” position? If you cannot do it then the man wasted his life, except for earning you a salary now, and nobody else could do it. If you can do it, why have you not done it so far? And why have you slipped into a rot of “can’t do” and the arrogance of contending that it can’t be done? You have not said the latter but isn’t that a logical conclusion that if one has not done if after 40 years, it can’t be done?!

Well my friend, whom I truly love and care for, it can be done. There is a virtue in.


Also see allegation of harassment at dialogue:

K Healing

I have seen time and again what K points to has healed people's minds / hearts / lives / and therefore bodies. I saw first hand how these insights, the investigation have literally saved lives. I've personally been involved in helping so many people get out of the chains of conflict, addiction, drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide, toxic relationships, etc. 

Meanwhile some people still go around spreading their confusion by asking: is K's teachings practical? Of course! But it's nothing to believe in. So if you are capable of thinking critically and courageous to explore and investigate to find the truth, then you don't even ask that questions because you know the answer.

K also healed some people physically, including daughters of two good friends. One had leukemia and was completely healed by K while doctors had given up. Sometimes it clicks, said K. 

I've also seen healing with my own eyes, on others, and on myself. Including when I asked Friedrich Grohe to touch my knee and a decades old injury left my leg and never came back - it literally exited my knee through the calf and feet and left the body. I saw / felt it happen -- it was very explicit.

Dominique Fernandez saw K work on Vikram Parchure, Dr. Parchure's son.

Other figures include Diane and Emma.

Paul Herder Arrested And Charged With Serious Crimes / KFA & Oak Grove School Sued

Paul Herder's Sexual Assault Case:

Mary Lutyens and Pupul Jayakar's Biographies of K or Romantic Fairy Tales

Let's summarize them in one word: INACCURATE.

One of K's close friends and confidants said:

"Pupul Jayakar's biography of Krishnamurti is a romantic fairy tale; a historic fiction. How did she know K's mother was singing with her beautiful voice as she cleaned out the puja room to give birth there. Did she intend to give birth there or caught short there? Who heard her singing if she did. How do we know she had a beautiful voice? There's no record of any of this. You could tell Pupul was just making it up."

Mark Lee is not any better: just makes things up about K, I guess to be sensational. I've documented this in a YouTube video on Mark Lee:

Page on Ravi Ravindra's Garbage Tabloid Updated 

One of the updates is the original letter i sent him in 1995, calling out his preposterous garbage tabloid book "Two birds on one tree".

And some quotes by Ravi, e.g.: "I am self centered occupied driven by fears and desires – that’s where I am... In my experience usually I’m in a lot of darkness occasionally there’s some clarity . I’m not wholly self-centered. 1 in a 100 occasions I’m selfless." !!!

Another update is by a close friend of Krishnamurti saying Ravi Ravindra has no business giving talks about K. But the mediocre minds at KFA invite him to talk! Poor Krishnamurti!

KFA & KFT Are Bigger Threats To K's Work Than AI (Response to Michael Mendizza's Talk on AI & K)

Michael Mendizza kindly asked me to comment on his video on dangers of technology and AI to K's teachings. I see KFA and KFT as much bigger dangers to K's work than AI.

I wrote the following to him:

7 May 2024

Dear Michael

Many thanks for sharing the video you made "Artificial Non-Intelligence" where you say at the onset you say that AI / new technologies may negate people's ability to live the teachings, etc. and you see the danger that this will "bring an end to his legacy".

You obviously put a lot of effort into it, and you make some good points. It was nice to see you and your genuine, sincere, non nonsense energy which I always appreciate.

AI is just a fancy name for programs. In the early days of computer science it had a different meaning -- I had AI programming in 1983! Now any "smart" program is called AI.

K spoke about supreme intelligence. The problem is some of his foundations are run by supreme stupidity. K said a good man cannot bring about a society where people are intelligent, but the reverse is true.

I think ending the legacy is not as bad as distorting and corrupting it. They're both threats but the latter is a bigger threat in my view. Remember what K said about living something is at the core of disseminating it, else, it's superficial and meaningless. Living is not believing, or saying or quoting.

The biggest threat to K's work is KFA and KFT. They are not "living" it. Organizations have a "soul", a culture, and organizational behavior experts know it too well. That culture is set by management, and it is inherited and handed down.

Engaging in dishonest, power hungry actions and all that K warned about organizations, right before our eyes, means these two foundations (I don't know about KFI) are a disgrace to K.  K saw it coming when he spoke about organizations getting corrupt 40 years after his death.

The pity is he warned about all this, but supreme stupidity that happens to sit on big money, doesn't care about those warnings. The drive for power, control, locking in job security, etc., is more powerful for some people who are not rooted in goodness, or simply don't have the intellectual capital to distinguish the essential from non-essential. K spoke at length about intelligence, and importance of seeing what-is. I'm going through all the books of K (some 80) which I marked up when I was much younger, and finding some gems, and collecting them on a web page -- and also seeing K's weaknesses in some areas.

Sorry I used the word "Intellectual". Being an intellectual is important. I'm disgusted by how much mindlessness I see in K circles. They misinterpret K's talks about right role of thought, as him saying don't think. You have to think where thought belongs. Perhaps that's part of the supreme stupidity among the power hungry suckers who are clinging to K foundation money like it's their daddy's treasure chest. That is their main motive not what K said.

K is just a nicety to let them keep their job, do very little, have an easy life, but their words, and more importantly, actions, show how little they've grasped or are living the perfume. Truth is the essence of that perfume. When truth is missing, that perfume is lost. Then they can keep talking about K, put dog and pony tail shows, but at best they run mediocre organizations which KFA and KFT are in my view - a disgrace to K, and hopeless.

AI in itself is like any other technology. It can be rightly used or abused. But KFA and KFT management are a far bigger threat to K's work than AI.

All the above are my opinions.

Best Regards

Angelo Gilardino & Jiddu Krishnamurti

I did some interviews with the grand master of classical guitar composition, Angelo Gilardino. He had a powerful, life-changing experience with J. Krishnamurti after they talked after a Saanen talk of K. He gives K books to his guitar students and highlights the importance of being nothing psychologically -- and how the psychological sense of self is a major hinderance. 

My interviews with him are here:

2008 Circular Updated

New information about Diane White ("Dragon Woman"), former Trustee of KFA, allowed for updating of the 2008 circular. The updated version is here:

Note To Kinfonet 

Regarding Kinfonet Newsletter


To Kinfonet:

Nice bulletin minus your silly commentary on K's teachings with many flaws. Search your database sometime about what he felt about commentators and interpreters, or think for yourself. Who needs your commentary and does it help people understand when people can go directly to the source. You can talk about your understanding of things but you're not that humble -- you pose it as this is how it is and this is what K meant. And you get the support of Mr. Grohe and his team and lots of people who want commentators and you think it's all alright. People want commentators, they want priests. That's how these roles came into being. That is the momentum of the tradition and you're playing right into it for God knows why -- be it a need to be something, to justify your fundings, to satisfy the weak yearning of tradition for commentators, or who knows . . . And by the way, a disclaimer that you're not an authority means nothing when you write authoritatively. Libel laws have some nice discussion on this subject of disclaimers and how sometimes they're meaningless.

I'm happy you're not promoting Sloss's book anymore, and I'm glad you're now color-separating your comments from K's because for a long time it was hard even for long-term friends of K to distinguish what was your writings and what was K's.  Has there been a fundamental shift in your approach or are these changes piecemeal reactive changes you make based on feedback, and still missing a fundamental question about the existence of the whole operation?

Aren't the official foundations fit to do the work you're doing and better, with less distortion? What's going to happen in 20 years' time? In 50 year's time? History is the best indication of the future for practical matters like this. What you're doing is very much in line with tradition, right in the same habits. This happened after every great thinker died -- commentators arose, organizations were set up, and today we see the consequence of it all. Sometimes less is more.

Best wishes



Alan Kishbaugh 

I sincerely hope Mr. Alan Kishbaugh releases his memoirs. I sat next to Alan in several of K's talks on the first row, and we've been on walks and had good talks years after K passed away. He was close to Krishnamurti as a friend. They went to cinema together etc. -- unlike Mark Lee who was in the background before K died and has put himself in the foreground afterwards as Mr. Everything Krishnamurti as a friend of K put it, and has reported false, distorted, yet sensational stories.

Evelyne Blau

Mrs. Evelyne Blau is 103 years, mentally clear and physically active. Wonderful to hear. She's a gem, and has done so much for K's work, including making of documentaries (film, book), a K exhibition -- in collaboration with the documentary film maker / author, Mr. Michael Mendizza.

Michael Rogers Passed Away

I contacted Michael Rogers a few times but no response. So I asked our mutual friend Michael Mendizza who said he has passed away. Michael was one of the first students at Brockwood Park and he had a very interesting life and much success in the music industry. He assisted Michael Mendizza in filming Krishnamurti's talks in Ojai which I attended.

I visited Michael at his fantastic house on Wonderland road in the Laurel Canyon district of Los Angeles which was the epicenter of the music world, and we played music together. He showed me his studio where Madonna made one of her early hits, and told the story of his interactions with her, including the fascinating circumstances in which they met, and the subsequent musical collaboration -- and intimate contact, where he said Madonna did him!

Michael composed music for the documentary movies made by Evelyne Blau and Michael Mendizza "The Challenge of Change" and "With a Silent Mind":


On Krishnamurti And Meditation

J. Krishnamurti talked a lot about meditation, but very little, publicly, about sitting quietly. Why ?? Privately he proposed it. Was it because he was so subtle that he didn't want to talk in terms of practicality? Or was he just relying on people to come to that on their own? Or was he doing that in order to distinguish himself from Osho (Rajneesh) (who was a crook and convicted criminal), Mahesh (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - founder of TM), Yogananda, and other contemporaries of himself?  Today, science has proved that sitting quietly, paying attention to breath for example, has great benefits for the brain. K must have known this. He told some people privately. But never publicly? I can see how it fits his general theme of "no method" but was that all there was to it?  Just wondering !!


Sitting quietly and paying attention to breath, meditating, listening to silence and noise, all that's inner and outer, is not a technique necessarily. So why not promote it? Krishnamurti circles are among the most non- meditative groups I've seen.


I view this as POSSIBLY one of Krishnamurti's shortcomings and contradictions. Contradictions are not bad per se. The universe seems to have contradictions too -- stars crashing into each other...


He talked a lot about meditation. But hardly ever, publicly, as sitting quietly... I think his talking about importance of sitting quietly privately but not publicly might have some motives that are related to his contemporaries. Not saying he wasn't great. He had the most powerful energy field of anyone I ever met (met him as a young boy) and he was very intelligent. But also aware of the market and "positioning himself"? Maybe.


Thanks to those who responded. Yes, I've read these quotes. I know K talked about this. I still find it a little bit strange that he did not talk about it more -- he talked very little about this -- 65 years, and there are only a few references. Also the idea of being fully aware is great -- as you might know, I have a lot of respect for K -- particularly as a psychologist -- I am always reminded of his insights -- and have seen them literally save lives. HOWEVER... 

Anyway, I made my point already earlier in this thread. Yes, the foundation of meditation is mindfulness, being aware of all thoughts and feelings, and mind-emptiness : emptying of the content .... but independent of that, science has shown benefits from deliberate meditation -- not mindless repetition -- but attention to breath for example. 

K takes it deeper and says if your mind goes somewhere, look at where -- it may show disorder -- he uses example of a messy room - towel on the floor...... so mind goes there. True. Order is important. But I am not at all convinced K didn't try to differentiate his teachings from his contemporaries.


Krishnamurti once said something to the effect that meditation is the ending of becoming! If you sit quietly in order to achieve enlightenment, moksha, nirvana, etc etc -- to BECOME something, you're wasting your time. Part of meditation is to see that urge to become, and that seeing ends it. Krishnamurti's huge contribution here is around the art of seeing, nature of change, etc.


I recorded this a few months ago: Musings on Meditation:

Maharishi Followers Rightly Criticizing Mark Lee's Response

I met a couple of very respectable followers of Maharishi - and TM practitioners who receive benefits from meditating however contrary it may be to K's idea of meditation -- but if you compare some of the so-called K people in his foundations you'd be sure they'd be much better off if they meditated instead of raising hell as they have been (check out the investigative report on KFT for example: -- of course K was very deep and had significant contributions and precious insights but his official foundations I'm very familiar with have been utter failures in my view and as far as one can be to K's teachings.

Yes K has some good points about dangers of mechanical meditation -- but his audience would have been much better off if he had been more explicit about benefits of sitting quietly -- as he told people privately. I explored this topic in the previous section.

I interviewed Dr. Chris Chapel and Mr. Navin Doshi after the award given to my friend, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Here's the video: Reza Ganjavi's in Discussion with Dr. Chris Chapple, a Leading Scholar in Theological Studies and Mr. Navin Doshi, a Philanthropist       

Rupert's talk / award ceremony: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Honored With Doshi Bridgebuilder Award

In the discussion, Dr. Chapple said he asked Mark Lee about what he has gotten out Krishnamurti's work -- and Mark's answer was very unimpressive -- which makes sense.

Anthroposophists Article About K

Rudolf Steiner and the Anthroposophists have their canned impressions of K based on some false impressions and cherry picked, out of context phrases. 

One German Anthroposophists article had a discussion about K. I responded to it: 

I didn’t read the whole thing in detail but seems to be a pretty good overview. It has some major shortcomings though, for example, it bundles up pre-1930’s work which wanted to be ignored because his teachings took a major diversion, matured, and he completely shed the concepts he spoke about as a young man which traditional. The article above doesn’t distinguish that and bundles up the young man K’s ideas which he discarded later, as his work, thus reducing and diluting the depth of his work. Many of the citations are from pre-1930’s.


In terms of criticisms, they’re generally superficial and silly – for example, saying he never had a job !! He went around the world for 65 years and spoke to people about serious questions of living and helped so many people find clarity. The article says he didn’t have a job and didn’t write many books. There are at least 80 books of his that I’ve read and there are more. Most are from his public talks, but trying to put him down that he didn’t have a job and didn’t write books is cheap. He did write several great books like the 3-series Commentaries on Living which are tremendous (attached).


Regarding afterlife etc. – K did not have a doctrine and his focus was mostly human psychology which is the main cause of suffering in the world. He didn’t talk much about what happens when you die – though when pressed, he talked about it. The article again reduces K to minimal things he said about certain subjects as though every great thinker has to cover everything A to Z.  He covered many important topics like awareness, time, beauty, mind, love, death, God (the timeless…) etc…

Review of Peppertree Retreat

Here's my review of Peppertree Retreat:

Freaky Woman Working For Foundation

I have met the best, deepest and sanest people who are interested in K's work - but also some nutcases. Someone wrote the following about someone who works at a K foundation. I won't be more specific since she could be identified. But I had a similar experience with her -- very mentally unbalanced. Also she has not studied K's work in any depth as far I could tell from discussions with her. 

Sadhguru Scam

Sadhguru / Isha Foundation 

by Reza Ganjavi

Writings on Gurus, Cults, Frauds, etc. 

My articles on the topic of gurus, cults, etc. can be found here:

Here's a list: 

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

Swami Prem Paras



Hare Krishna Temple: Godhead vs. Dullhead




Rajneesh (Osho)’s Fraud & A review of the movie "GURU - Bhagwan"


Sathya Sai Baba -  Fraudster Guru


Kriyananda Yogananda 



Something I wrote in an online discussion. I've written about the topic in past circulars but here's another note: 

I'd be careful about "enlightened man". Was Krishnamurti enlightened? What does enlightenment mean? Isn't it just a projection of a state, out of human limitation, of a final state in time? To me "enlightenment" makes no sense at all, and is just a concept fabricated by human conditioning, limitation, weakness. I don't remember Krishnamurti himself ever referring to himself as enlightened. Yes he was very intelligent and insightful. But he has limitations too, just as humans have. Why is it even important to think of enlightenment? If a person is very aware, as K was, or X or Y may be, isn't applying the concept of enlightenment to them, merely projecting an ideal state, putting them on a pedestal etc. which humans are very good at doing -- and that whole habitual game of measurement, comparison, etc. ?


[I wrote this in an online discussion]

... I'm afraid you might have fallen into the trap of tradition with its absolutist view by repeated use of "Total". Enlightenment like love is not something that can be accurately defined but we can say what it is not. It's very clear to me that it is not an final event - as in total and never going back...

That entire idea is conditioned by thought's desire for certainty, looking at the world as binary (due to some binary aspects of the physical world -- e.g. north and south pole, left and write brain, etc. -- while nature itself is full of colors and not black and white) -- and the human conditioning of "becoming" and psychological time. Enlightenment as a final state is a delusion -- it's a non-fact. It's possible for a mind/heart/body to be in such a state of love, wisdom, joy, peace -- but I would not label it as something permanent.


Even the most so called enlightened people act very unenlightened at times!. But many people like to make ideals, myths, and put people on pedestals (and sometimes shoot them down). We are very complex creatures. Let's keep it simple. Enlightenment far too often become an ideal like non-anger, non-jealousy, non-possessiveness, etc. -- all moving away from the fact of what is. What is is important not what could or should be. And by clearly perceiving what is, intelligence acts.


Study of K

I wrote this in response to an online question: 

Krishnamurti may be hard to understand even to native English speakers in the beginning, so it takes more than reading one bumper sticker, paragraph, or page. It's something a person ought to study (not saying accept since he provides no doctrine -- but just a set of pointers which may be right or wrong) and like any other subject of study it takes patience.

It's well worth reading a book cover to cover, and pondering on it, questioning it, exploring it. Then it becomes clear.

The topic in the page above is very deep -- it goes at the very structure of the psychological sense of self (vs. the pop psychology concept of "the real me" as referenced in this very fun song

The Who - The Real Me

On Ego, Love, Etc.

The difficulty many people have in understanding K, despite the above, is the ego which is often too strong -- the sense of self -- in many people -- and K is a disrupter -- some of his razor sharp ideas go at the very heart of the ego -- and many people see that as a threat psychologically and are not open to it so they end up not having any idea what he's talking about. They hear and understand the words but internally block it because the self doesn't want to end.

Mind you we're talking about the sense of "me" which is put together by thought -- as a bundle of conclusions, memories, experiences... and as such it's like a bubble, it's fictitious. Most people are afraid of ending psychologically, death, ending, which is so necessary for the new to begin. As long as the mind is stuck in past habits of thought which are mechanical, conditioned, old, boring -- that ever new wonder has little place in one's being -- that which we could call love, God or whatever you call it. The movement which is beyond the limited movement of thought.

Societal sicknesses such as high rates of suicide, excessive dependence on psychiatric drugs, etc etc are to a large part from over-dominance of thought and therefore lack of love.

Most modern world is suffering from this -- esp. rich nations, esp. it seems to me certain cultures which are obsessive about thought and its role, and it enters every corner of life and doesn't just make a perfect outer society but is used to try to make a perfect inner life, which does not work because it's the wrong tool. You brush your teeth with a hairbrush, you run into problems.

As a side note, I just came to realize the possible link between the Germanic use of the word "Love" which is very exclusive (vs. looser use in English) and desperate shortage of love as compared with some other "warmer" cultures -- different worlds it seems. 

Under-thinking Issue


One of Krishnamurti's main contributions is to point out and clarify the right role of thinking and how it is over-emphasized and enters areas it does not belong, and causes confusion and suffering. But it is equally important to pay attention to the right place of thinking. What I have seen in these circles is that sometimes people don't think enough. I have also seen this in my own life and it's a point that I've had to learn -- that yes, a quiet mind is an asset but it's also a liability where thought should be applied but it is not. So this is a red flag that any serious student of these topics should pay attention to. 

I've seen the negative repercussions of this in the K foundations in the West, and some of the people who run it -- sometimes they make you wonder: do they have a brain that can think and work things out and see the implications of things?

Ray McCoy of Friedrich Grohe Gang and KFT

Here's an article on, and correspondence with, Ray McCoy:

The Fifth Foundation

After his death another entity came about, which I call the “Fifth Foundation”. This organization was started by Friedrich Grohe, a wealthy, well-intentioned, kind, good person, surrounded by a group which calls itself a “gang”, some of whom I do not think very highly of for particular reasons, some of which will be outlined here.

The point being, to provide the big picture that helps a student of history to better understand the dynamics and influences that follow. 

The Fifth Foundation is officially known as KLI (Krishnamurti Link International) and its associated entities: Kinfonet.

I finally got fed up with distortions and issues with that organization and after they ignored my suggestions, I went public with the following article. And then they brought some changes once the matter got wider attention. Some trustees of various foundations wrote to me saying thank you for saying these things which we’d wanted to say for a long time; but they couldn’t because KLI provides funding for various foundations / projects and nobody wants to criticize them.  

30 Years Later

Jiddu Krishnamurti “JK” (1895-1986) was a very insightful philosopher, author, mystic, educator. He offered tremendous insights into a vast field of subjects including nature of thought, art of observation, and psychological freedom.

JK broke free from an organization the Theosophists set up around him, at an early age, returning all the money and land to the donors, and going “solo”, free from attribution to any organization. His dread and wariness of organizations is a recurring theme in his work and biography.

Minimal set of organizations had to be set up around his work, with the charter of preserving and disseminating his work.

30 years after his death, what goes on around his work by certain people who’ve gained positions of power, is a tragedy. 

Correcting Wikipedia 

I've corrected several things in Wikipedia. For example: 

Removed the sentence: "nor had they understood the teaching itself." The reference provided to support this statement does NOT contain this statement - this is an unsubstantiated myth and does not belong here as a fact because it's not the fact.

/* Later years */   removed the false statement: "nor had they understood the teaching itself. " -- we have concrete evidence that this statement was never made as such and is merely a myth. Therefore its inclusion is misleading. 

Occupation​ public speaker, mystic, author, philosopher​

David Moody

I received an interesting description on Mr. David Moody and problems with Mark Lee, Magda Botez Grohe (since, divorced from Friedrich Grohe), and his role at Oak Grove School, and contact with Krishnamurti, and his book. 

David is one of the more credible, intelligent people in this circle, versus the parties whom to quote K, had not the foggiest idea what he was talking about yet positioned themselves as almost authorities on his work and made / make policies.

Various Letters (Oldies)

Here are some various letters I wrote a long time ago:

My Video Discussion With Dr. Lakshman Rasiah

From an unpublished past circular:

Here's my interview / discussion with Dr. Lakshman Rasiah, former Trustee of KFA:

My Video Discussion With Dr. Scott Forbes

From an unpublished past circular:

Here's my interview / discussion with Dr. Scott Forbes who was the closest person to K, who is still alive:

My Video Discussion With Professor Dr. P. Krishna

From an unpublished past circular:

Here's a discussion with Dr. Krishna:

My Video Discussion With Dr. Rupert Sheldrake


From an unpublished past circular: 

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Dr. Rupert Sheldrake a number of times and did a personal interview with him on video. I also attended his workshop at Esalen Institute held with the esteemed Marc Andrus, the Episcopalian Bishop of California, a talk Rupert gave at the Ojai Foundation which I did the video for, and his talk in Joshua Tree.

On Fake Guru Vishwananda

And a new article on a fake guru, Vishwananda:

Swami Prem Paras

Prem is a chap who showed up in a K gathering once and being Indian, and the positive prejudice of many Westerners towards Indians thinking they're so spiritual :-), Gisele organized a concert for him on the same day. It was a while ago but I just found the time to write an article on him because he's a Osho look-alike and Osho is his master. I don't know if he knows that Osho is a convicted criminal and amassed 100 Rolls Royces by manipulating gullible Western followers.

Prem is promising people spiritual advancement etc. -- all the cliches, enlightenment, etc. etc.

More items from an unpublished past circular:


Fact Check & Critique of Mark Lee's Talks at KFI, KFA about Krishnamurti


Critique of Ravi Ravindra (& Mark Lee, Jaap Sluijter. KFA Krishnamurti Foundation Hypocrisy)


Dialogue on Psychology, Krishnamurti, Sleep, Meditation, Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA)


Reza Ganjavi Talk & Dialogue in Portland


Discussion with Viveka, a Vedanta Disciple


Philosophical Discussion With A Teenager & Her Father

Some Comments

“Indeed, Reza has pointed out some very important dissonances in K organizations.” 


“Excellent review Reza, you continue to be a beacon of light and truth in the hurricane of darkness that surrounds the foundations currently.”


“Krishnamurti helped me to be inwardly free like a child and quiet.”

“I am reading the book it's great” ~ Two girls from Rainbow Bridge I gave K book to.

"These people who are responsible for mismanagement throughout the years and their abuse should all be dismissed immediately. They take advantage and use and abuse the little bit of power they think they have. Karma eventually catches up. Keep up the great work! Happy 2024!!"

“Dear Reza, you must continue to point out what you think is correct. Krishnamurti was not traditional.”

“I did feel Mark Lee was a lousy director, as did a lot of folks, which was why he was moved over to the Foundation side [from Oak Grove School]. ~ Former OGS teacher

“The truth is hard to believe! The behaviours have been simply incredible.”

“As an outside critic of the leadership and direction of KFA you may be in a unique position to shed some light on matters and may even be able to influence a move in another direction. I wish you well.”

“Thanks. Hope you are getting rest & relaxation in the midst of your good work.”

“You are doing a tremendous amount of work. Best.”

"Thanks. And keep up the good work!"

“I just spoke with <>. He said that Jaap spends money for the wrong things and that it is very messy at the Peppertree Retreat/KFA.”

“Amazing work! Congratulations.”   – Dr. R. 

“Thanks a lot for your attachments with mail on related to K. Most of your write up is appreciable and is correct to a large extent. I have been a teacher with one of the K schools in India and found many of your statements in line with my own experience. But, yes, K is a magnanimous philosopher throwing uniquely fresh light on human psychology. He is the most relevant and most simply understandable philosopher.” Dr. from India

“It is always good (and too rare) to speak to a person with your serious interest in Krishnaji. I admire you and know that you’re doing this out of concern. You’ve really studied. Interest in the core.  Even when you react you are constructive and it shows that you’ve really studied.”

“Reza, Thank you  for loving. Jiddu Krishnamurti. A friend  for eternity. Much love”

“Thank you, Reza, for your Newsletter. I only know the swiss organization which puts up the K's meetings every year. Do you know it too?. To qualify it, I chose some of your words: to my eyes, it is a mundane, mediocre, stiff, boring organization. It seems to be the destiny of all big organizations, that they get spoiled.” [I disagree with those who think K organizations went downhill and are doomed because it has to be that way. NO. Management matters and different actions have different outcomes.]

“You being an educated philosopher… You are pointing out organizational flaws in an organization that was built around a philosophy of no organizations…”

“Great work Reza. Thanks for the videos! Kind of agree with you. Can understand having met both of them. Mark Lee's arrogance. Straw that broke the camel's back. Didn't hold any punches. How could he distort having known…”

“Dear Reza. we are waiting so serious and eager to know what is happening. You are so kind and brave that never let us to be deceived. Best Wishes. Dr. P.A.”

“Great what you are doing.”

“Thank you for your concern. With much affection.”

“Hallo. Yes I am done with them too.”

“Hello Reza, I placed your youtube link with Eric on ... Great interview. Thank you for keeping me posted on the many insights on KFA. Like going into dialogue..some get it and others like the sound of their voice for their own self interest. May your armor be strong and your love for the teachings continue and disconnection from the madness in humans that you see so well. Much love”

“Hi Reza, I'd be interested in future circular.”

“Dear Reza, I have experienced the same disappointment, anger at the organisation.”

“Dear Reza - good to see you challenge those who say no one can do what Krishnamurti suggests, so self-defeating, a lazy way out… Reading your last pieces was a discovery about KFA really. I wouldn't be very surprised any more if they begin to bake healing Krishnamurti's cookies for the next...”

“What you speak about passionately was Rajesh's chief concern. They are making Krishnamurti into another religion he would say. And in his last days he was inviting KFI to "forget Krishnamurti" - something that is the spirit of K's teachings.”

“I am happier now as an 'outsider' and feel free to really look at life closely, without the tyranny of organisation oppressing me.”

"I have watched a few of your videos on Krishnamurti and have enjoyed it. You seem like you have gone very deep into the teachings and have been in contact with many people who were close to K."

"I was particularly impressed with the way your fact-checking video defending K’s reputation and pointing out discrepancies in the stories circulated by Mark Lee and Ravi Ravinda which set out to comment unfavourably on certain trivial aspects of K’s history as a much respected world figure regarding the psychological life of ordinary people like you and me.  I posted a comment supporting you in regard to your handling of that matter which I trust was published."

"I watched your video about Mark Lee/Ravi Ravindra/Jaap, there was two of them, and i enjoyed them immensely and agree wholeheartedly and i too have had some bad dealings with KFA. I also watched your video with Scott Forbes and am watching the one with P.Krishna right now."

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A beautiful picture of Dr. P. Krishna (retired Professor of Physics, Philosopher, Educator, Lecturer). I picked this up from a video. Reprinted with his permission.