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The Last Circular Around Krishnamurti's Work

December 2022

For a period of several years I wrote circulars around the work of J. Krishnamurti - from philosophical ideas to commentary on his organizations, etc. 

At some point the Friedrich Grohe Gang took over (via his employee Rabindra Singh and their poor choice as usual, Jaap Sluijter) the core of power at KFA and KFA which was already poorly managed, fast-tracked downhill and got doomed as a hopeless organization in my book.

At the end of 2020, I was called on to investigate disturbing reports at KFT (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, UK). It took two years of investigation, as a part of a task force that included former trustees and close friends of Krishnamurti, former students, staff, parents, volunteers donors etc., and some seventy (70) testimonies, for us to get to the root causes of the issues, which turned out to be with a weak board of trustees, and Friedrich Grohe & his Gang, Again! 

Research about KFT/ Brockwood Park School Mismanagement

Grohe has helped the foundations but I think he's hurt them even more. That's discussed extensively in this document: Friedrich Grohe and his Gang's Influence Mongering.

September 2023 - On Old Krishnamurti Books & People Who Fast-Tracked The Foundations Down The Path K dreaded

As I gradually downsize my physical life and possessions, I go through almost a hundred books I studied by J. Krishnamurti. Study is the key point. I am not his follower and I do not "believe" in anything he says. He provides pointers and insights, some of which are very profound. He also says certain statements that are not true or I disagree with, but he even said himself, "don't follow me". He said this statement many times. He also said it to me directly, when we met -- he also gave me a flower - and we had beautiful profound exchanges (shaking hands, talking, walking). 

I'm going through the markings I made in the books, to select some statements, and keep them as a summary and then given away or dispose of the book.  Some like Think on These Things, or Commentaries on Living, have so many markings that I might as well keep the whole book. It's interesting to see, after years of first reading these books, what still resonates, what is a part of me, what seems insignificant, and what is so profound. 

As the River Joins the Ocean

G. Narayan's book reminds me of the biographies which try to make K into a god. He puts a lot of focus on idolizing K. The book has some questionable parts. Not a valuable book, in my view. 

Four Dialogues at CSUSB University

One of the books I came across was FOUR DIALOGUES WITH MR. J. KRISHNAMURTI and High School and University students and teachers, organize by my old friend Dr. Brij B. Khare with whom I've lost touch for many years (if you're reading this Brij, please contact me).  Professor Khare taught at California State University San Bernardino, California 92407.

Many of the participants are not very familiar with K's work apparently, so he covers many of the basics, which are interesting. I studied this book deeply, as with most of his other books, and made underlines and side notes, and editorial corrections, challenges to the ideas, and filled out extensive evaluation sheets of each of the four dialogues. 

The Presence That Stays

The book contains testimonies by people who knew K. It was published by the JK center in Hyderabad. It has many interesting writings by 

And others. Some of the writings were ridiculous and tried to make a god out of K. And distortions such as appear in some biographies. 


Mr. Krishna Nath and Others' Disrespect for K's Wish Regarding Early Works

K made it clear on a number of occasions, that the early works should be ignored. 

In his book: On The Teachings, Mr. Krishna Nath whom I met in a Swiss summer gathering, disrespected that and published a number of material, which are so NOT Krishnamurti, and K knew it and so he expressly asked that that work be ignored, yet years later that simple wish is disrespected and the material is published. Anyone who reads that material, gets a totally wrong idea of what K and his teachings is about. K had a significant awakening after which he totally discarded some of the things he said earlier. 

Garbage Book: Star in the East by Roland Vernon

In my big pile of K books - stored in a big luggage that's now found its way to the surface to be processed, I came across several terrible books that I had marked as garbage -- such as Roland Vernon's preposterous, horrible, incompetent, biased biography of Krishnamurti, "Star in the East".

Garbage Book: Two Birds on One Tree by Ravindra.

Another garbage book is Ravi Ravindra's Two Birds on One Tree. He really illustrates how clueless he is about K's teachings. Yet, he is invited as a speaker by Mark Lee and some others at the Krishnamurti Foundation America who are also clueless about core teachings of K which are meaningless unless you live the truth they point to (which have nothing to do with K anymore as truth is truth -- for example, the importance of speaking truth and living noble values like integrity, compassion, etc.). 

My opinion on some at KFA being clueless about K's teachings is based on observing how its leaders have behaved which are so contrary to K's teachings. I've written about that, and still have a major publication to make about the disastrous mismanagement of KFA by Jaap Sluijter and company. 

Also see:

The Theme Books

The Theme books that Mark Lee and company put together after K's death was a disaster. They started specializing K's books by themes,  which made them boring and dull. Compare a boring book in the series "On..." to the general books like Freedom From The Known, or many other books of his, it's evident that these series was a disaster. And such an emphasis was put on the man -- with a big picture of him on the cover (which was not the case in many of the older books including his best-seller "Think on These Things" which had no picture of him - and the first book of his which I read -- I suppose because people like Mark Lee never grasped the depth of what K was talking about -- so they focused on the person instead of the message -- and Mr. Lee went on to promote himself as Mr. Everything Krishnamurti, after K's death, which led to the horrendous situations where he would just make up fake stories in order to sizzle up interest in himself I guess. That's my opinion based on factually incorrect, fictitious nonsense Mark Less has promoted about K. 

But he was not the only one. Other people in that circle were also largely missing the point -- people like Michael Krohnen, who cooked for K.  Just because some people were in K's vicinity doesn't make them philosophers or even good students of K as the real studying is of one's own self, reactions, which in these isolated, protected, small environments of the Foundations, is less present that people living their daily lives who study themselves in the mirror of relationship, earnestly, without direction or motive except to find out and inquire into what-is. 

The ultimate disaster in these foundations, in my opinion, are people like Friedrich Grohe's Gang including Raman Patel, Rabindra Singh, and the people they instated at the foundations such as Jaap Sluijter, the disastrous Executive Director of KFA, Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian KFT / Brockwood Park, whom in my view, based on many facts, fast tracked these organizations down a path Krishnamurti dreaded and unfortunately predicted. 


I did a lot of underlining and marking of the biographies, all of which I read with interest. But at this stage in life I find the content uninteresting. I know all about Krishnamurti's development since childhood and don't think it's relevant, as he pointed out himself too, to some of the key challenges and pointers he offered which are very helpful in healing minds and hearts. 

Pupul Jayakar and Mary Lutyens biographies are reportedly distorted, as per opinion of people I respect. One of the books is deemed as fiction than a biography. However, they contain some interesting and important quotes by K, which I underlined when I read them way back when, and will retain those quotes. Mrs. Pupul Jayakar's book has many valuable letters from K, and lots of fun anecdotal stories -- their validity is not known. She also has a lot of herself in the book, which is valuable if we keep in mind that she's expressing her subjective impressions - some of her personal stories with K are quite interesting. But I must also say that as we see in some videos, K was very frustrated in some talks with Pupulji because she didn't seem to grasp some key points, so it was like pulling teeth. 

Trustee Meetings 

I have a number of artifacts which are not published as books, which contain discussions K had with trustees of various foundations, schools, international committees, etc. -- I took the important quotes. What stands out is his dislike for organizations including his own. 

July 2023 - Paul Herder Arrested And Charged With Serious Crimes

Paul Herder, a former staff member of Brockwood Park School (KFT, Bramdean, UK), and Oak Grove School (KFA, Ojai, USA) was arrested in Hawaii on multiple criminal charges.

I first met Paul Herder when Friedrich Grohe invited him (paid for his trip) to the Swiss summer mountain gathering. Paul taught at the above Krishnamurti schools, and reportedly in places like Thailand and Panama. Paul wrote a book on what education could be in a Krishnamurti school. 

I received a note from a Krishnamurti related friend that he was arrested on horrible criminal charges. If these allegations are true and he's found guilty, that would be a true disgrace to everything Krishnamurti stood for, so this should in no way reflect poorly on the Oak Grove School or Krishnamurti Education, as hopeless as some of his foundations have become (as I have diligently documented). 

Paul Herder was arrested in Hawaii. Immediate thought when I heard that was that he may have been close to the Friedrich Grohe "Gang" (as Grohe calls them) member Rabindra Singh, who lives in Hawaii and apparently was the link for some other people in Krishnamurti Foundation America (Ojai, California), to establish ties in Hawaii, including  Jaap Sluijter, the Executive Director of KFA who was reportedly instated at KFA by Rabindra Singh / Friedrich Grohe, and given all power that led to what I believe to be disastrous mismanagement of the foundation, alienating some key supporters, etc., and lying to further his agenda, that included, in my opinion, "kissing Friedrich's behind", to cater to Big Money, as part of what appears to be heavy influence mongering of Grohe's big money (or at least the big money he was perceived to have until his Gang spent a lot of it, reportedly). 

Similar story as in Brockwood Park School where Grohe's influence mongering led to disastrous results in my view, based on extensive research and interviews with over 70 people, involving the people Grohe and his other "Gang" member Raman Patel took to Brockwood/KFT (Nasser Shamim, Mina Masoumian) which led to disasters like the collapse of Inwoods school and alienation of many parents and students and staff and volunteers and supporters, and other adverse consequences of mismanagement and power mongering -- everything that Krishnamurti dreaded. 

So Jaap became the all powerful head of KFA, who at some point said he can get the trustees to do whatever he wants -- which would have been impossible without the Grohe clout / implicit backing. Just as Nasser and Mina at Brockwood who would have never gained so much power had it not been for Grohe's backing. Once sugar hit the fan (our investigation revealed many facts they had tried to bury), Raman Patel became the head of KFT, but same old  mess continues, in our view, as long as that gang is there. Same with KFA/Ojai. Poor Krishnamurti! 

Jaap and Rabindra got engaged in real estate or what not in Hawaii - and Jaap spent a lot of time (maybe still) in Hawaii. Frode (Francis) Steen, another trustee of KFA (Rabinra is a trustee and was Secretary of the Board) also has ties to Hawaii. 

So when I heard Paul Herder was arrested in Hawaii, I wondered if he ended up in Hawaii via same lineage.

A former insider familiar with Paul wrote: 

"I never liked the guy—I know he was close to the <snipped> [term similar to the "Gang" that Friedrich Grohe uses to describe his inner circle but I will not reprint it] that you mention from Hawaii."


"Paul Herder, 65, has been arrested and is in custody in Hawaii. Herder has been charged with 23 counts, including alleged lewd acts with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse. The charges include special allegations that “the crime involved great violence, great bodily harm, threat of great bodily harm, or other acts disclosing a high degree of cruelty, viciousness, or callousness,” and “the defendant took advantage of a position of trust or confidence to commit the offense.”"

"In all, Ventura County prosecutors have filed almost two dozen felony charges and more than two dozen special allegations. Those charges include Lewd Act Upon A Child, Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, Luring, Using a Minor for Sex Acts, and other sexually explicit conduct."

"Detectives say that during Herder’s time as a teacher, he engaged in an unlawful dating relationship with a juvenile student, coerced the student to engage in numerous sexual acts, and sent harmful material to the student. Herder also possessed child pornography."

In July 2023 Paul Herder was arrested and extradited from Hawaii to Ventura County and charged with PC 288(c)(1)- Lewd Act Upon a Child, PC 261.5(c)- Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, PC 287(b)(1)- Oral Copulation of a Person Under 18, PC 289(h)- Digital Penetration of Victim Under 18 years old, PC 288.4(b)- Luring, and PC 311.4(c)- Using Minor for Sex Acts.

"Nature of Incident: Teacher Arrested for Sexual Assault on Student. Report Number: 23-1255"

Two mugshots of Paul were released (probably one in Hawaii and one in Ventura).

Most of the alleged crimes happened between 2016 and 2017.

School leadership changed in 2015 - this seems to correspond to the shift at KFA's power dynamics with Jaap Sluijter's increased power with Rabindra Singh / Friedrich Grohe backing.  According to OGS newsletters, Meredy Benson Rice - a wonderful person and great principle, was the "Head of School".  Sometime in 2015, perhaps Q3, there was a significant switch.  Willem Zwart, who was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction became the Head of School. Willem Zwert, like Jaap Sluijter is Dutch and it seems his promotion to Head of School may have been Jaap Sluijter's power maneuver. Willem remained the Head until at least June of 2017. These dates are derived from school newsletters so I don't have the exact dates. 

In 2016, with Willem as Head of School, Paul Herder gave the commencement talk. Willem gave a long introduction in praise of Paul. They seemed very close. This is not an implicit association of Willem or anyone else with the alleged charges against Paul. Just statements of opinions and facts. The thought has occurred to me, wondering, if the way the school was managed, the underlying attitude and management style and dynamics of relationships, didn't play a role in Paul's conduct, whether the allegations are true or not. I do not know the answer, but there were many alarming events during this period, at KFA, in the way it was mismanaged, in my opinion - but certainly nothing in the caliber of what Paul Herder has been charged with. Regardless, there's absolutely no excuse for Paul's Herder's behavior IF the allegations are true. I put IF in capital letters because presumption of innocence is a very important legal principle that must be respected. 

Paul's keynote speech was not inspiring at all and if anything portrayed what I believe to be a troubled mind, lacking insight and inspiration.

In 2013, Paul Herder was an English teacher at Oak Grove School:

In 2013, Paul Herder's book was featured in the Oak Grove School newsletter: 

Paul's picture is in the Brockwood Observer, at an alumni meeting. 

Paul Herder's composition: "Fugitive Pieces": Paul composed music called Fugitive. It's been on YouTube since 2011, with the cover art as a strange, defaced face of himself morphing into a scared bird.

Paul was charged with 23 counts of criminal conduct with large majority in 2016 and then 2017.

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288(c)(1) PC filed as count 1 with violation date of 06/05/14 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288(c)(1) PC filed as count 2 with violation date of 08/01/14 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 3 with violation date of 03/27/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 4 with violation date of 04/01/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 289(h) PC filed as count 5 with violation date of 04/01/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288a(b)(1) PC filed as count 6 with violation date of 04/01/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 7 with violation date of 06/12/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288a(b)(1) PC filed as count 8 with violation date of 06/12/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 9 with violation date of 06/19/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 10 with violation date of 06/23/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 289(h) PC filed as count 11 with violation date of 06/23/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 12 with violation date of 06/24/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 261.5(c) PC filed as count 13 with violation date of 06/24/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 289(h) PC filed as count 14 with violation date of 06/24/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288a(b)(1) PC filed as count 15 with violation date of 06/24/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288.4(b) PC filed as count 16 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 289(h) PC filed as count 17 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 288a(b)(1) PC filed as count 18 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 261.5(c) PC filed as count 19 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 261.5(c) PC filed as count 20 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 261.5(c) PC filed as count 21 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 261.5(c) PC filed as count 22 with violation date of 04/14/17 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 Felony charge 311.4(c) PC filed as count 23 with violation date of 08/01/16 00:00:00 .

07/03/2023 PC 801.1(A)(1) filed as to Count 1 Special Allegation 1 .

Herder has taught in:

Anyone with more information or who believes they know additional victims is asked to contact detectives at (805) 384-4722.

Police detective in charge of the Paul Herder case:

Detective Nicole Grover

Major Crimes Bureau, Sexual Assault Unit


Paul Herder’s case can be searched by name or by his assigned case number: 2023016623.

Some news story links:

January 2023

We've submitted our findings (a 330+ page report) to the UK Charity Commission to see if they have the might to uproot the rotten status quo.  

After two years of work (not full time, but still, a lot of work), for no pay, and having to endure KFT's idiotic attacks and empty threats and bogus police reports which the police didn't pursue obviously because KFT had no case (and it got proven that KFT lied to the police) and a recurring theme of dealing with a vicious group who's living so contrary to K's teachings, and is trying to hold to power and big money it controls at any price (see our 330+ page report to understand what KFT was willing to do to people), I am so incredibly fed up with the entire official K world that I need a big break. 

So for now, let us say this is the final circular. Since the last circular, I've gathered material for a publication, but once I deemed KFA to be hopeless, the topic became non-time-sensitive and I was busy with other things -- but now it's time to empty my digital consciousness and move on.

I'm authoring multiple articles at the same time. 

The organization of this circular may not be optimal but like I said I'm fed up with the entire topic of how human greed and stupidity dragged down the work of a great man -- which is something K himself predicted but now we're witnessing it live! 

Reza Ganjavi on Radha Sloss's Garbage Book

I wrote about Radha Sloss's garbage book in my 2014 circular but didn't mention it by name so as to not give it publicity. But now I see people like Jaap Sluijter, Rabindra Singh, Raman Patel, Nasser Shamim, Mina Masoumian, Bill Taylor, Antonio Autor, all of whom are part of Friedrich Grohe gang or his extended circle, and KFT Trustees Derek Hook, Wendy Smith, Gary Primrose, Mark Lee, etc. are doing more damage to K's legacy, in my opinion, than Radha Sloss ever could. So why not mention her. 

Radha Sloss was the daughter of Rajagopal (see my article on Jaap Sluijter where I claim Jaap is the worse thing that happened to Krishnamurti than even Rajagopal ( Krishnamurti had a long term affair with her mother, Rosalind Edith Rajagopal, (née Rosalind Edith Williams, 1903–1996). They were like family - the three of them - and Rajagopal was gone long periods at a time and was not having sex with Rosalind.  

Rosalind was a beautiful lady and her and K loved each other a lot - and I'm sure they had a great time. Some people were disappointed when the book came out because they had made a false image of K which showed they hadn't studied him. They were saying, oh he was against sex but he had sex. That's so untrue.  

My view of K actually improved because it was further evidence that he was a human - as well as a super human. See section on Albion Patterson below about K and sexy films.

K had told some close friends about this relationship. It's nobody's business anyway. Did you expect he would announce it in his annual talks? It's a personal matter.

Radha Sloss, waited till K died, because in some jurisdictions you can't defame a dead person, and she wrote a most horribly illogical book called "Lives in the Shadows". People liking tabloid were thrilled by it. She was so incredibly stupid in her arguments. It was clear she was trying to connect dots that didn't exist, in order to trash-talk K because of K's conflict with her dad - which wasn't about her mother but about K's publications which her father had stolen. 

It was no secret that K had a long term relationship. He told some of his close friends about it. It's a private matter anyway. Radha's account on the other hand is not an expose, it is a nasty, malicious character attack of a man who is dead and can't defend himself.

Her book is filled with logical inconsistencies: conclusions that simply do not add up. A book by someone who totally missed the boat for those who've missed the boat and are looking to rationalize it. Radha wrote to me that ultimately because of freedom of speech she can say anything she wants. That's how she justified the logical inconsistencies!! Too bad she didn't have the guts to do that when K was alive.




Also Albion Patterson told me K and him used to go to movies that had sexy scenes because K said he likes to see his animal side come out so he becomes aware of it 

Before he passed away in his 90’s I used to visit Albion Patterson, an old-time friend, scholar, trustee, and housemate of K’s. He used to say, from time to time, that in these circles, there is too much talk, and not enough study, which has proved to be true over the years.


Javier Gomez Rodriguez -- Another Fake Guru Born Out Of The Friedrich Grohe Payroll/Gang.

See big update to the file: 

Reza Ganjavi's Response to Kumar Swamy

Very loaded question -- "we" receiving "sacred" is a loaded concept by itself which assumes separation... the opposite is also loaded, i.e., that there is no separation...

Then the concept of being condemned to live in sorrow -- that's very loaded.

And then assumption that a certain condition is needed to supposedly receive that supposed sacredness by supposed entity that's separate from it...

And reference to the sacred by Krishnamurti or Joe Blow or X or Y makes no difference if that which is pointed to is something a person has never come in touch with, in a simple setting of life, whether it's in the smile of a child, a simple act of love and caring, a quiet night perceived with senses fully awake, etc etc

So I feel that question can be stripped and distilled... 

Some comments

"He has clear and deep mind and heart lines. From knowing him personally I can attest to that. An incredibly intelligent man and a very big deep heart. First time we shook hands he looked at me in the eyes and there was love pouring out of his eyes." Reza Ganjavi