Friedrich Grohe and his Gang's Influence Mongering at Krishnamurti Foundations


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There's extensive information about Friedrich Grohe and his Gang as he calls them, at the following links and related material will be added to this page as necessary, since I am flushing my digital content related to this enervating matter so I can move on and put the official K world and Grohe Gang's mess they created in the K world behind. They've sucked more of my time than anything by their irresponsible, unwise actions. 

Krishnamurti was a great man but his official work and the related work to his official work has been nothing but a waste of energy on my part because some of these entities are run by people some of whom are unintelligent, self-centered, compromised, ignorant, arrogant, power hungry, money worshiping -- and as a result they made a mess and acted highly contrary to K's wishes, values, teachings.

And some have no respect for freedom of speech or freedom of press, so they created problems for me as a citizen journalist who also were a friend of K when he was alive, and feels indebted to him to at least document the preposterous things that are done in his name. But I feel good that it's all documented for the case of history. 

The Grohe & Gang's irresponsible behavior was first documented in my 2007 article "The Fifth Foundation" which was a very pragmatic and effective way of getting them to clean up, to a certain extent, the mess they were creating. Without light of public attention they would not have done so. 

Then I had a huge problem with the Grohe & Gang influences at KFA and their appointee as Executive Director which was a disaster -- Jaap Sluijter appointed by Grohe and member of his Gang, Rabindra Singh who made his way to top of KFA which was exactly what he had predicted when Grohe (unwisely) "discovered" him: to rise to the top as the cream of the crop, after he gains their trust. Much of that is being documented here:

Then I was invited to look into serious accusations made against KFT. I ended up researching them as part of a task-force extensively and produced a 340 page report of statements of 70+ witnesses and analysis of the findings which was incredibly insightful and pointed again to Grohe & Gang's influence mongering as one of the root causes of the issues. There's extensive discussion of Grohe & Gang / Raman Patel, etc. in that document. That's found here: 

Nonintellectual Naive Son of Rich Man's Inept Domination of Official Work of One of Greatest Minds in History

On one hand there's Friedrich Grohe, who is the son of a very rich plumbing supplies owner, who didn't go to university, who is not that intellectually advanced, who seems naive, who formed a Gang as he calls them who often think for him because he doesn't seem to be an independent thinker, and doesn't seem to have an intellectually powerful or analytic, critical mind. 

On the other hand we have one of the greatest intellects in history. What impressed me most about J. Krishnamurti when I first started reading him was his immensely gifted intellect. 

So there's a HUGE difference between Grohe's intelligence profile and Krishnamurti's. Yet, thought his money, and his Gang, Grohe has infiltrated Krishnamurti's official foundations in USA and UK who pretty much own copyright to most of K's writings, where many people donate to, thinking their money is being managed in line with intentions of Krishnamurti -- but in my opinion that is not the case because in my view, based on extensive research, the management of KFA nd KFT are not acting in line with Krishnamurti's goals, values, and what he stood for in his extensive teachings for decades. Remember: as K made it clear himself: living something is most important, not what one says or likes to be or pretends to be. 

What Was Behind Friedrich Grohe's Motive To Dominate The Krishnamurti Foundations? 

Friedrich saw K for the first time in 1983. I don't know the exact sequence of events but I think around that time he sold his shares in his father's company. The son of someone who worked for his father's company at that time told me the word was, that Friedrich had joined a cult. Of course K was not a cult -- but Grohe would create his own "Gang" that turned out to be worse than a cult, in some ways, in my view, based on their influence mongering and certain incompetent and reckless actions. He also helped the K foundations in some ways. 

Generally it's difficult to read into people's minds as people are complex creatures, but perhaps Grohe's profile before meeting Krishnamurti had a role in his apparent desire to dominate Krishnamurti foundations via his Gang and clout of his money.

Someone who met Grohe's mother in a public setting said she was very denigrating towards him - putting him down often.  The person speculated that Grohe was in Germany at the time of Hitler youth movement where you were supposed to be tough. Grohe is small built, and maybe he was bullied. And his mother put him down. And he was a rich kid probably spoiled with daddy's extreme wealth. It's possible that entry into K's circle suddenly made him feel very important -- because of his money.

"K called him guardian angel because of his money". That was the old man K. The young man K gave back the donations he had received. But life lessons taught him that money can also be handy - like for building a school. Grohe donated a lot towards a study center. 

"The guardian angel became the fallen angel", apparently because of his actions and empowering the Gang to do what they did. And they used a lot of his money. 

We can only speculate but I see a correlation between Grohe's profile before meeting K, and his subsequent actions of throwing his money and gang and influence and clout at things, and the control he gained. Also his non-intellectual past and personal traits of not being an independent thinker, and profiles of some of his Gang members, had negative consequences for the foundations, such as the inept recruitment of some key people who ended up hurting the foundations. 

Grohe Gang Gurus

Three of his Gang members became effectively gurus. 

Krishnamurti dreaded gurus. 


Three of Grohe's gang members have become k

Someone sent me this about Rabindra Singh's land in Hawaii

"Rabindra’s land in Kau

The orange outlined parcel was the property Sally thought her money was buying.  Half the green house was built on it, which might explain the urgency for buying it. Across the street was Friendship House, which was eventually sold (10/28/2005 for $250, 000, site unseen) after many upgrades, from unknown funds. There was no building permit.  Use the link and click on “show parcel map” then TMK numbers to find out who owns what around there."