Friedrich Grohe and his Gang's Influence Mongering at Krishnamurti Foundations

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"I gave me an eerie feeling and I did not like the visit [by Rabindra Singh] as it made me feel bad that K was used to make money and my mother had fallen into that pit."  ~ Daughter of donor to Grohe "Gang" Member

There's extensive information about Friedrich Grohe and his Gang as he calls them, at the following links, and related material will be added to this page as necessary, since I am flushing my digital content related to this enervating matter so I can move on and put the official K world and Grohe Gang's mess they created in the K world behind. They've sucked more of my time than anything by their irresponsible, unwise actions. 

Krishnamurti was a great man but his official work and the related work to his official work has been nothing but a waste of energy on my part because some of these entities are run by people some of whom are unintelligent, self-centered, compromised, ignorant, arrogant, power hungry, money worshiping -- and as a result they made a mess and acted highly contrary to K's wishes, values, teachings.

And some have no respect for freedom of speech or freedom of press, so they created problems for me as a citizen journalist who also were a friend of K when he was alive, and feels indebted to him to at least document the preposterous things that are done in his name. But I feel good that it's all documented for the case of history. 

The Grohe & Gang's irresponsible behavior was first documented in my 2007 article "The Fifth Foundation" which was a very pragmatic and effective way of getting them to clean up, to a certain extent, the mess they were creating. Without light of public attention they would not have done so. 

Then I had a huge problem with the Grohe & Gang influences at KFA and their appointee as Executive Director which was a disaster -- Jaap Sluijter appointed by Grohe and member of his Gang, Rabindra Singh who made his way to top of KFA which was exactly what he had predicted when Grohe (unwisely) "discovered" him: to rise to the top as the cream of the crop, after he gains their trust. Much of that is being documented here:

Then I was invited to look into serious accusations made against KFT. I ended up researching them as part of a task-force extensively and produced a 340 page report of statements of 70+ witnesses and analysis of the findings which was incredibly insightful and pointed again to Grohe & Gang's influence mongering as one of the root causes of the issues. There's extensive discussion of Grohe & Gang / Raman Patel, etc. in that document. That's found here: 

Nonintellectual Naive Son of Rich Man's Inept Domination of Official Work of One of Greatest Minds in History

Friedrich Grohe is the son of a very rich plumbing supplies industrial magnet. He didn't go to university, and in my opinion and opinion of several people who know him, is a very simple man (simple is good unless a person is naive surrounded by some persons who might not have the best of intentions); he doesn't possess a particularly gifted intellect, and he seems naive and seems to wear "rose colored glasses" which is partly a cultural conditioning in my view, that everything is perfect, etc. -- and his Gang, as he calls them, seem to give him a rosy picture of things like the state of Brockwood Park / Krishnamurti Foundation Trust during its tremulous years of mismanagement (see link below) where his employee Raman Patel and Grohe/Patel appointees Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian were identified through our extensive research as some of the core elements of the mismanagement that took the place to a new low. 


The Gang is a group of people who work for him around the topic of Krishnamurti (as though K needed another organization, given how much K dreaded organizations and wanted to dissolve even his own Foundations). The Gang appears at time to think for him because he doesn't seem to be an independent thinker, and doesn't seem to have an intellectually powerful or analytic, critical mind. 

On the other hand we have one of the greatest intellects in history. What impressed me most about J. Krishnamurti when I first started reading him was his immensely gifted intellect. 

So there's a HUGE difference between Grohe's intelligence profile and Krishnamurti's. Yet, thought his money, and his Gang, Grohe has infiltrated Krishnamurti's official foundations in USA and UK who pretty much own copyright to most of K's writings, where many people donate to, thinking their money is being managed in line with intentions of Krishnamurti -- but in my opinion that is not the case because in my view, based on extensive research, the management of KFA nd KFT are not acting in line with Krishnamurti's goals, values, and what he stood for in his extensive teachings for decades. Remember: as K made it clear himself: living something is most important, not what one says or likes to be or pretends to be. 

My Background With Friedrich Grohe

Friedrich and I both saw K for the first time in 1983. I met Friedrich in 1993 in California and he invited me to the Saanen Gathering. "Invited" means he pays for the flight and accommodation -- he even gave pocket money (for food...) to the the big group of people from around the world whom he invited. Very generous of him. And certainly well-intentioned. I ended up moving to Switzerland the following year for an IT job, as a Senior Consultant. I met Friedrich sometimes and we went for mountain hikes. I also stayed many times at his Chalet in Rougemont, the next village over from Saanen (Saanen is where K spoke for 25 years in Switzerland), and helped out with his office's IT needs. He's about the same age as my father. Our mutual interest was mainly the work of Krishnamurti, and the mountain hikes we sometimes went on.

The gang did not like that Friedrich and I had a good contact. Several times they tried to disrupt and distort my contact with Friedrich because I think they were jealous and wanted to "own" Friedrich in terms of feeding him what they wanted him to hear, and having an independent voice around, who happens to be a fearless independent thinker, did not fit the Gang's mode. It was a difficult time at times when some of them were lying or otherwise trying to bring division, but I always stayed calm and they could never hurt me because I was always very very clean and honest. 

Over the years that ensued I watched the Gang get increasing power in the K Foundations and activities. I saw Friedrich help several important causes, like helping Brockwood stay afloat. But I also witnessed much distortions and recklessness especially among some members of the Gang like Rabindra Singh and Jaview Gomez Rodriguez -- and in the recent years it has come to light that Raman Patel has been a core factor in the mismanagement of KFT / Brockwood Park School, and much got revealed through our extensive research: MISMANAGEMENT OF J. KRISHNAMURTI FOUNDATION TRUST KFT BROCKWOOD PARK SCHOOL

In 2007 I wrote a mega investigative report that shed light on Friedrich and the Gang's reckless actions around K's work: The Fifth Foundation  | Friedrich Grohe | J. Krishnamurti

I did this after they continued to ignore what I was pointing out. Once the matter was published then they took it seriously, and took action, which helped improve their reckless actions. Several close friends of Krishnamurti thanked me for that report, saying it said things that they have been wanting to say for a long time, but they couldn't because of Grohe's financial power.

What Was Behind Friedrich Grohe's Motive To Dominate The Krishnamurti Foundations? 

Friedrich saw K for the first time in 1983. I don't know the exact sequence of events but I think around that time he sold his shares in his father's company. The son of someone who worked for his father's company at that time told me the word was, that Friedrich had joined a cult. Of course K was not a cult -- but Grohe would create his own "Gang" that turned out to be worse than a cult, in some ways, in my view, based on their influence mongering and certain incompetent and reckless actions. He also helped the K foundations in some ways. 

Generally it's difficult to read into people's minds as people are complex creatures, but perhaps Grohe's profile before meeting Krishnamurti had a role in his apparent desire to dominate Krishnamurti foundations via his Gang and clout of his money.

 "K called him guardian angel because of his money". That was the old man K. The young man K gave back the donations he had received. But life lessons taught him that money can also be handy - like for building a school. Grohe donated a lot towards a study center.  "The guardian angel became the fallen angel", in the view of K's close friend, and in my view and some others aware of the mess that the Grohe Gang has made. 

We can only speculate but I see a correlation between Grohe's profile before meeting K, and his subsequent actions of throwing his money and gang and influence and clout at things, and the control he gained. Also his non-intellectual past and personal traits of not being an independent thinker, and profiles of some of his Gang members, had negative consequences for the foundations, such as the inept recruitment of some key people who ended up hurting the foundations. 

The Plumber & The Cook

That's what happens when a plumber and a cook team up to recruit for school and a philosophical foundation. "Plumber" is a term some people refer to Friedrich Grohe since he came from a plumbing industry. Plumbing is a respectable job. He never had a job as a plumber I don't think - his father was very wealthy and he cashed out big money when he sold his shares in the father's business.

Friedrich Grohe must have really enjoyed the attention when he came into the K circle -- and gave away a lot of money (he gave 10,000 to each staff member at Brockwood -- I know one person who refused to take the money, and he was one of K's closest confidants -- he wanted to remain independent and not bought or compromised in any way.

A man from a very wealthy family -- doesn't appear to some people to be too intelligent -- cashes out -- comes to a K circle -- gets immediate attention due to his money -- even K reportedly did not think Grohe was very smart and reportedly talked to him like a child or a very simple person -- he builds a "Gang" where some of the members are thirsty for everything that comes along with money, position and power, since day one -- and the rest is history: yes they have helped some good causes -- but I believe they have done more damage than harm to K's legacy. Look at the mess at KFT and KFA, two Foundations heavily influenced by Grohe & Gang. They were reportedly pushed out of KFI (India) otherwise we would probably see one of the "Gang" members as head of KFI today.

These are dots that might be connectable to explain the Friedrich Grohe phenomenon which led to the formation of Grohe "Gang" as he calls them and his very public presence in the so-called "K world" with a newsletter that he publishes and sends to a huge number of people.

Friedrich's Newsletter

Friedrich's newsletter started as a very enjoyable and personal reading in the 1990's. My picture was in one of the early issues, on a hike with Bill Taylor, 

Gradually it morphed into The Link which was Grohe's newsletter entry in the beginning and other things, including most boring articles by Javier Gomez Rodriguez. See

The latest issues are just called The Newsletter and are mostly written by Javier -- but they always contain beautiful nature photos so the boring text can just be ignored.

Someone wrote: "OMG - he's now publishing Javier's "poems" 😂 - booooring"

They changed the newsletter name to The Newsletter !! Wow!! How creative :-) -- and deleted Friedrich's name -- I guess they're preparing for his dying but he may disappoint them. God forbid - I've always dreaded the Gang after Grohe dies. The newsletter will go on -- should be called Javier's Drivel.

Past issues also contain a section of praising for Grohe / the newsletter -- which seems a bit tacky in a print edition. Online, having a feedback section isn't as tacky in my view.

Grohe Gang Gurus

Three of his Gang members became effectively gurus. 

Krishnamurti dreaded gurus. 

Letter to Friedrich

Dear Friedrich


Hope all is well. I was in Canary Islands and meant to send you a postcard and wish you a good 18 but didn't get a chance -- but extend those good wishes now.


I recently received an email from someone who has a genuine, close, long-term interest in Jiddu Krishnamurti's work, and work of his organizations. He expresses the following opinion:


"I am fully disgusted by them, especially Rabindra, Jaap and the FG [Friedrich Grohe] crew . . ."


As much respect as I have for you, there's a big problem, which may already be too late and too big to deal with, but it's pretty clear to us that your organization is in the middle of it. Hardly surprising as K spent decades warning about it. And it will just get worse in the future. Poor K.


I don't know if you have the insight, motivation, energy, intention, to deal with this subject, and help fix it -- just as you, unintentionally, via some of your "gang", helped bring this mess about. I don't assume you have much power over what's happening any more, as it seems so out of hand -- and I don't want to imagine what it'll be like when you're gone. There's still a dim flicker at the end of the tunnel. As Persians say, whenever you catch a fish it's fresh. Better late than never. Let's talk if any of this is not clear -- it's very clear to some of us.


Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi

cc: Some trustees

"K World"

Someone wrote about the Foundations ignoring her letter. "They are happy to represent "the K World", which is clearly a fabrication of thought. " (see her full letter here: )

I wrote her back - but here's a reflection about "K World" idea:

I remember when that idea first surfaced -- by Grohe's gang / extended gang - at the time Gopal Krishnamurthy wrote a letter called something like "key to the K world" -- and Grohe loved the idea - "K world" -- and guess who he thought was at the center of that world?! Himself and his Gang. Tribal thinking -- K world vs. non-K world -- just what you expect from minds with small horizons. You said it perfectly: a fabrication of thought. And only to see the same gang produce three apparent gurus -- Javier Raman Rabindra. K dreaded gurus and those who get into attitude of authority around these types of work. Money and power produces gurus. Seems odd but it's a fact.

More On Friedrich Grohe

I received interesting information from someone who met Friedrich Grohe and his mother - and about his days as a youngster. But I will not publish then given they might be too private. 

Also received information about the alleged condition Mr. Grohe set on the large donation he pledged to the Art Barn at Brockwood Park School, which was highly political. 

Someone sent me this about Rabindra Singh's land in Hawaii

"Rabindra’s land in Kau

The orange outlined parcel was the property Sally thought her money was buying.  Half the green house was built on it, which might explain the urgency for buying it. Across the street was Friendship House, which was eventually sold (10/28/2005 for $250, 000, site unseen) after many upgrades, from unknown funds. There was no building permit.  Use the link and click on “show parcel map” then TMK numbers to find out who owns what around there."


Mrs. Sally Walker donated to the Grohe Gang for Rabindra's engagement in Hawaii for the work of K. Someone familiar with the situation said that Sally was not happy that land was bought with that money in Rabindra's brother's name (Devendra). And apparently Sally raised a lot of noise and the land was then put in Rabindra's name, and Sally was concerned that it was being used for commercial reasons. But I have not independently verified this, so don't take it as a statement of fact. However, these are a couple of letters from Sally that show her concern about use of the funds she donated.


Here's a text I received about Rabindra Singh whom Friedrich Grohe "Discovered" as he likes to say it, and hired him into his "Gang" as he calls them.  Again, I haven't independently verified this information so I cannot speak to its accuracy:



Sally's letters are bringing back memories. When I first met Ra and Dev, a friend brought them to my house. When I first saw Ra, my thought was "why did you bring this <snipped> to my house?" Eventually, I hired the two to build garden boxes and a greenhouse for me.   Ra brought over K and Bohm videos and my interest took off from there.  Lots of little tell-tale signs of Ra's greed along the way, but I let it slide. I didn't get to meet Friedrich when he passed through Hawaii at Ra's invitation as I was in retreat on the opposite side of the island. Ra was asked to travel with them. At that time, he and his partner, John farquarson owned the rustic cabin they called Friendship House. Devendra was living there with a girl friend. He had food stamps and John would send money to support the two brothers. John was in Canada. When Ra left with Friedrich, he took his brother's foodstamps with him. Dev's girlfriend had also helped support them. She was the only one who worked at that time.


When I began reading what Ra was taking credit for in Hawaii and how he was soliciting donations for Friendship House I became annoyed. Then Friedrich arranged a Hawaii gathering and Sally was here with her husband. The years rolled by and Ra's relationships changed and his property ownership multiplied. John bought a house in Pahoa which is now in Ra's name and is a vacation rental. His brother married and bought a house in Pahoa which I think is where Jaime and Ra live. Dev and wife live in Berkley. To this day, I believe Dev to have a conscience about the use of others' money. Ra has also said he bought land in India and Thailand since joining Friedrich. A little history...through 16 years.


“The conflict mentioned he biggest conflict was how he told everyone how he had K groups meet for videos, put them on public access TV, etc., when in fact I had done all that at my house. He took credit for my work.”

"I took a quick look at the property purchase history.  Ra and Dev's houses in the Pahoa area were purchased before they sold Friendship House in 2005, but while Rabindra was working for Friedrich. Until Rabindra tapped into Friedrich, these guys were impoverished.  John had the only income.

He solicited funds for Friendship House when he first jumped on board with Friedrich's team, remodeled it and sold it years later for $250K. Honestly, the place was an unpermitted shack when I first met them and when Friedrich first visited them. It was a real score for Ra, Dev and John to have someone buy the place site unseen for that amount of money.

He has a house built on the Stream Garden property in Thailand.

He reportedly has property in Goa, India." 



Sally died a couple of years ago. She also told me she wrote to Ray McCoy about the Rabindra issue. She also left money to KFT, but tried to have it removed from her will before she died.  Sally wasn't able to get it revised in time.  No sure why she had second thoughts about KFT.

"Reza, you have to remember this was years ago. I did not know about Sally' donation until long after the fact and she was upset with how the money was spent. When I found out about this I wrote to Nick Short to revoke my affirmation I signed for Rabindra to open a bank account (Achenbach?)"



Reza, Here is one of the newsletters where Rabindra solicits donations for his Hawaii retreat project (Friendship House) and takes credit for the Friday night videos held in my home (they didn't have electricity, as he clearly stated). The Link (Friedrich's Newsletter), issue 8 - Documents  There were other writings where he said things that were not true, but I think this was the first issue when Rabindra was on board."


Rabindra started an entity in Hawaii and called it "Krishnamurti Foundation Trust" which is the exact same name as K's foundation in UK.



[Ray McCoy was part of Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) and part of Friedrich Grohe's inner circle].

Ray McCoy, Secretary ​​​​​​May 13, 2002

A G Educational Trust

Brockwood Park

Bramdean, Hampshire SO24 0LQ


Dear Ray McCoy,

Thank you for your letter of 15th Dec., 2001 and for the copy of the AG Educational Trust Statement of Purpose. I noticed that the projects listed in the brochure, Projects 2000, which are supported by the AG Trust, all appear to be charitable institutions. I would assume they are registered as such in order to assure the donor that donations are not used for the benefit of private persons. 

On Dec.21,'00, I made a $10,000 donation, Ck.#117, Kau' Fed. Credit Union, Hawaii For this donation I received a letter of acknowledgement from Ronald Ortman, Atty.

On March 21, 01, I made a $10,000 donation, Ck.#1926, Athens First Bank, Athens, GA. Any donations I give are meant to be used to increase awareness of the message of J. Krishnamurti and not for personal profit. You might check and let me know the way this money has been used.

I would appreciate being informed by you. If properties have been bought, under what name are they registered? If profits are expected to be made through the use of these properties how will accurate and accountable records be kept? Who is responsible? 

Your discretion in this matter will be greatly appreciated. I simply would like to be assured that the funds are being used exclusively for the work of Krishnamurti. 

Sincerely yours, 

Sally R. Walker 



[Nick Short is an employee of Friedrich Grohe and part of the Grohe's Gang as Grohe calls them. He is an attorney from New Zealand]

Friday, June 14, 2002 

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your letter of June 7th. It is good of you and Ray to explain how charitable donations are handled. I will read over your letter and address issues you raised. 

You wrote that you understood I would like to receive the tax benefit that is available in the U.S.A. This is naturally true. I understood that the donations I made were to be applied to work for the K message in Hawaii. This was the understanding that I had with Rabindra (Ra). I understood from Ra that the money would be used toward the purchase of land adjoining Friendship House and the greenhouse. I have a1so been under the impression that the work and purpose of Friendship House was to further the awareness of K's message and make it as widely avai1able as possib1e. I would think that they would have long ago applied for a tax exemption and been granted one as is the Full Flower Educational Center in F1orida, and as is the K Foundation in Ojai. So I am naturally surprised that Ra was advised that it was not a legitimate use of my funds. I am at a further loss as to why Ra did not tell me this himself as he knew this was my understanding. I am concerned about what position I may now be in. 

I have always considered Ra and Ruth to be my friends as I am theirs. I still feel this way and have no wish to take sides in any personal problems they may have. I was dismayed when I learned that Ruth had used my name when writing to anyone at AG Foundation. I have never been one to have anyone represent me or write in my behalf about any questions that I need to solve for myself. When she told me she had used my name I asked her please not to do so. I am aware that something may have happened between Ra and Ruth that has deeply disillusioned her. My response to this is that each of us is totally responsible for him or herself and for no one else. If Ra has done wrong I am not his judge. He must answer for himself. I am too busy working on the order in my own life. 

I had planned to talk with Ra when I go to Hawaii in August. I do not believe my remarks and questions to you have been out of line. They are not meant personally concerning Ra but apply to all monies given to any charitable institution, Please feel free to share anything I have written with Ra.

Just got off of the phone with you. Glad I called and thank you for returning the call. It was very nice talking with you and you have relieved my mind greatly. 

Warm and sincere good wishes,

Ms. Sally R. Walker


Warnings To Rabindra Singh 




9 Feb 2016



I have reliable information that on several occasions you've slandered me and thereby violated my rights by propagated false information about me as truth via a fabricated story that <snipped> which is a COLD BLOODED LIE.

I want to give you a chance to defend your stance by bringing proof of this. Your malicious motive is well known. The burden of proof is on you but not only that, I can prove you're lying. But before this gets out of hand, I want to give you the benefit of doubt and give you a chance to substantiated your statement. 

I don't know about you, but I care for my reputation which you have gone out of your way to tarnish, and since you had no facts to do it with you fabricated a false story.

I'm all ears. Your failure to respond will be considered your inability to substantiate your lie. I'm copying the "gang" so there's no excuse that you didn't get this. I advise them to send you a copy of this in case.

@Dear Friedrich: that's your man. Buddies with the Jaap (land deal etc. as per what Jaap told someone I know sometime ago) and his main support despite Jaap's numerous screwups (which I'm sure you don't even get to see, including fabrication of a reality that had nothing to do with truth which he didn't even bother properly investigating -- and propagated a lie which he knew was a lie. If K only knew what's become of dissemination!).  But that's a different subject. I have rights which Rabindra has violated and I want to give him a chance to come clean and see if we can find a peaceful resolution to this mess he's created by lying and intentionally trying to tarnish my reputation and damage my character, which I care about. I have a stellar credit report and a stellar references, and I will NOT tolerate such lies.

Rabindra, you have until end of February to respond to this. If you need more time tell me.
Reza Ganjavi

[I also corresponded with KFA about this matter since he lied about me at KFA, as a Trustee!!  I felt confident enough that the message got across and he learned a lesson, so I did not take legal action against him].

Warning 2 To Rabindra Singh 

23 Feb 2016


Further to  my previous messages:

Fact is you've engaged in slander. I know the motives and the circumstances, can lay them out clearly, and they do not look good for you.

I am not threatening you with legal action because in my book legal action should be the very last resort in any conflict, and I hope you're smart enough to come clean and want to make peace. On the subject of legal action, I know Friedrich has a lot of money, and you're pretty well off too as far as I know with real estate deals involving some within KFA (as reported by Jaap himself, etc.) and so on, but you might not know that there's not a trace of psychological fear in me, and I take things to the end. I will do the right thing to find justice in this matter whatever that will take.

Again, this is not (yet) a legal threat, but I want you to know:

1) I am taking this matter very seriously
2) I am extremely distressed and upset by your actions
3) I have checked my rights in both Switzerland and USA and you have violated my rights. In the US it's a civil law matter, and in Switzerland slander is a criminal as well as civil matter. Look up the related Swiss criminal code to get a feel for it. I have spoken to the police without mentioning any names. They have a "long arm" jurisdiction over you via US authorities. Given the fact you work for a Swiss resident makes it even easier. California also has jurisdiction over you and there are a number of different laws that you have allegedly broken.

Unlike the KFA/Jaap style, ignoring the matter will not make it go away -- that's K-101 anyway!

I would strongly recommend that you come clean which means coming forward in truthfulness -- no twisting of the facts, no dodging the issue, no manipulating of the arguments, no clutter, no obscurity -- in other words, no-nonsense. And we sit down and talk -- we can have an impartial mediator -- and we can see if we can end this matter...


Another Warning To Rabindra Singh


In the neck of woods I come from:

1) conflict is resolved via dialogue vs. being just ignored

2) admitting to your mistake is a strength not weakness

3) it's not intelligent to try to cover up lies with more lies


The only response I get from you is your twisting my words and denying the twisted statement. Hardly surprising because you know you couldn't deny the allegation because it's a fact. You in fact intentionally slandered me by cooking up a fake story, putting me in false light, and violating a number of my rights as a result.

I asked you a few follow up questions which you failed to answer. You admitted to having talked about the subject but that was just half the truth. The rest of it is obvious otherwise you would have no reason to bring up that fake story many years later.  Remember again, the burden of proof is on you. Not only you can't prove your statement at KFA was true, I can prove it was false. That's a double-whammy negative for your case.

Ideally when people make mistakes, if they have any character and smarts, they'd want to resolve the matter peacefully. Stupid people want to fight the facts and end up being sorry. There are so many examples of that.

I was advised to file suite against you and then talk to you. But given I'm not a litigious person, I wanted to give you a chance to resolve this matter peacefully...

This was not the first time you said such nonsense behind my back. Your motives are obvious. It all fits perfectly within the broader picture.  It will not be easy for you in front of the jury. KFA's Executive Director and your buddy and co-land-investor Jaap Sluijter did a similar thing: he couldn't find any truth to trash me with, he cooked up a bogus case. Respecting my right to free speech would have been a natural, sane, civil alternative instead of engaging in such dirty cunning games...

Discussion with Mr. Hareshwar Singh

By Reza Ganjavi


3 December 2020


Dear Hareshwar,


Thanks for the copy of your correspondence with our dear friend, Friedrich Grohe.


You wrote:


"I am sorry to say, Mr. Grohe, no matter how much people swear by the Teachings, the people at the helm in KFI want mute obedient subordinates and sycophants, not someone who has a fire burning inside them and has questions to ask."


I am not familiar with what's happening at KFI but if what you say is true, it's not unique to KFI. The vision that K had for a human is desperately missing at some of the foundations -- and -- everything he dreaded about organizations has come true in at least one of his foundations. Why?


We would need an hour to discuss it -- perhaps a Zoom call. I'm BCC-ing your recipients and added a couple of K's close friends who also have a different view of the perfectly rose-colored view that our dear friend Mr. Grohe has, about the status of the K foundations. If any of you would like to join the Zoom call let me know. Let's do it in January.


On the face of it, I hypothesize the problem arises from a couple of sources:


1) stupidity


2) ego


There are on one hand some people in key roles in some foundation who just do not have the intellectual capital -- they're too stupid -- to grasp K's teachings -- they never did -- they probably never will -- yet they go around posing themselves as authorities on K's work -- as Mr. Everything K -- and even write books about it to further their illusion and delusion. There's concrete evidence of this.


Don't underestimate the stupid. They've been responsible for a lot of problems in a K organization.


At least a stupid person can be innocently stupid. But when mixed with ego, selfishness, ulterior motives including all kinds of sick things like will-to-power, maximizing financial gain, etc. -- some morally corrupt things we have evidence of -- that becomes wicked. And there's some of that going on -- which again, K warned about but it's totally ignored because K has become a necessary thing since the foundation is built around him -- but for a cunning animal at top, K is secondary.


If you look at the behavior of some of the people in power this becomes very evident. Add to it dishonesty, which again we have various pieces of evidence.


And all this is so incredibly against everything K stood for. Again, it doesn't matter, in the cunning men's eyes.


One of the people at the top planned and worked his way to the top after he was brought into this circle -- he vowed to be a guru -- and he's become one -- not in a traditional sense but given the power he has, and the backing he has.


K said living the teachings is key. Some of the people running his foundation have no clue about his teachings -- it doesn't take a scholar to tell -- just listen to their basic arguments -- and the way they live.


K and his teachings have a dignity which is hugely missing from some of the people in power. Those who like to imagine that everything is perfect have contributed to this mess -- and they still don't see it because they're too deeply in the valley -- so the horizon is very small.


You talked about the flower you gave K. I remember the flower he gave me. A deep red rose. And the rose of his teachings which is red like fire.


Best wishes



Respond to Hareshwarji


22 December 2022


Dear Hareshwarji -- Always good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your ideas and observations. I didn't copy Friedrich because I think he already had received that link -- anyway, he has no interest in such facts -- he seems to live in an "everything is rosy" world that's carefully crafted by people around him to make sure he gets the impression everything is perfect. In our research, we tapped into some 70 witnesses. We had info from someone who worked for Friedrich that the Gang sometimes modifies the facts to give Friedrich what they want him to hear.


Regardless, when you fund a group, you are responsible for what they do. We started our research with a totally clean slate and no prejudice. At the end, it became loud and clear that Friedrich and his Gang's influence-mongering at the foundations turned out to do more harm than good in our view, and responsible for much of the root causes of the issues.


This trend is very clear. We're not making up the facts. And Friedrich did the same thing in Ojai almost. His other employee Rabindra Singh and their appointee Jaap Sluijter became the most powerful people at KFA and KFA went downhill from there on. I am going through 3 gigabytes of files about KFA which I will publish soon to clear out my digital consciousness, about this misery the Guardian Angel who became the Fallen Angel (as one ex-trustee and close friend of K put it) allegedly brought about.


And a common theme you see in our report and what happened to KFA, as well, is dishonesty. Think of what K said about importance of truth -- and his foundations are on record for dishonest conduct. Here's the report -- feel free to share it:


And keep an eye here for new articles I'm working on: and


A foundation can be in disarray and have ups and downs, but what has happened at KFT which we have documented is absolutely unacceptable. And I will document what I can about KFA shortly -- though I deemed them as a hopeless foundation -- as K said, the idiotic foundation -- and so the material went on back-burner for a long time - but now I have the motivation to publish them because KFT is dishonestly twisting some notions as excuse.


KFT's failures at the Board of Trustee level were the root cause of the issues since the buck stops at the top. There is still hope for KFT if the Charity Commission ousts the trustees Derek Hook, Wendy Smith, and Gary Primrose and put a few new trustees in there (we have excellent ones in mind to recommend) to rescue KFT from the claws of mediocrity and a culture and values which appear to be directly contrary to what K taught and lived.


Best Regards


Letters to Friedrich Grohe, etc.

6 Mar 2016

Dear Friedrich

I had info from a large donor today who is so upset at Jaap he said he will not donate to KFA any more as long as Jaap is there. He had his reasons and they all sounded valid...

Keep listening to Steven and Rabindra's reports about how wonderful Jaap is.

The Shah of Iran had a huge problem -- nobody told him the truth because they only wanted to tell him rosy stuff. Somehow goes with being at the head of power. Don't know if that's the case here but the level of info life has brought to my desk vs. what you get on your desk seem vastly different. My info is from direct experience with a few people at KFA who are the worst I've ever come across in my life, and at the top of that list being Jaap -- and hearing experience of other people who have nothing to gain and no-one to please, and they all seem to be very intelligent, honest, sincere and with no ulterior motive.

All this will come to light because all these people are some of the most genuine people and every single one has a very genuine interest in some of the things JK stood for, and they all realize sweeping all this under the carpet will just strengthen the weasels.

As I have said to you several times, while I hope you live many many more years to come, I'm worried if it's like this when you're alive, I don't want to know what it'll be like when you're gone. I am assuming, perhaps wrongly, that your employee, Rabindra, being a key supporter of Jaap -- and you as well -- is a key reason he's lasted this long there despite some stupid actions, and mismanagement of a number of areas, and some wrong decisions, and some trustees' own dissatisfaction at his performance, and the arrogance of saying things like "the trustees will do whatever I want them to", and so on. This type is behavior is not usually possible without a heavy backbone of support, and you being the head of a group of "Friedrich world" for lack of better word, and your favorites, and the power, clout and financial backbone, and so on.

I have never doubted your goodness and good intentions, but some of these people, are a different story.

I hope you received the copy of my legal warning to Rabindra. I really want to avoid having to take action against him -- I hope you advise him to contact me to try to find peace -- I am fully willing to talk -- that is if he finds time off from making land deals in Hawaii with Jaap or any other KFA insiders.

Kind Regards


Letter about JAAP SLUIJTER, Executive Director of Krishnamurti Foundation America


June 13, 2017

Dear Friedrich:

Did you see for yourself some of the things Jaap said at the 2017 KFA Gathering? I know Rabindra was there, and your organization I'm sure has its own collective opinion that it was wonderful and all rosy. I believe it [some of what Jaap said] was a major disgrace to K, and once again, totally against some core ideas K stood for, and for some core ideas K was against. It was about Jaap's ego, and giving himself flowers in how he's so critical to K's work (LOL).

If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to do so -- but alone, without influence from the "gang"; please put away any rose colored glasses, and think for yourself, and keep in mind all those books you read by K. I believe KFA has hit a new low, sorry to say, and K's official work is going towards the spiral of mediocrity because of that idiot (and he's not the only idiot in this circle).

I do not believe he would have been able to obtain and maintain this position, despite his numerous idiotic and problematic actions (including knowingly representing a falsehood as truth), without some level of support from you/your "gang". Poor Krishnamurti, especially since he warned about all this. The circus goes on.

Since he's already said he's business partners with your man Rabindra in Hawaii, do you know if KFA is letting Jaap go to Hawaii for a year to build his house, and if so, is he going to continue to draw his salary and maintain his position?

On a personal level I think you're a very sweet and generous and good man. But I am deeply critical of some of your "work" and "gang" members, as you call yourselves. And of course "gangs" give rise to "extended gangs" -- it's the nature of the beast. Some of the things I saw that he said today, made me feel nauseous. I'll try to compile some excerpts. Anybody seriously interested in K's work, who cares enough about what became of K's work after his death, should definitely know what Jaap is thinking.

Best Regards

Reza Ganjavi


Reza Ganjavi Jaap Sluijter apparently doing exactly what Krishnamurti warned not to do.

Have you trustees heard of the phrase K said so many times about interpreters distorting ? I am listening to Jaap give a lecture about K and meditation. Oh My God! This guy sounds so incredibly off and clueless about some of the things K spent decades talking about. Also listened to more of his talks at the last KFA gathering, which seem hypocritical.

Also, I found some things he said in some intro remarks at the last KFA gathering, nonsense and tragic -- and of course very hypocritical given how he stepped on truth himself. Maybe he was following his misinterpretation of K's remarks about "seeking", or, his sentiment that religiosity is "any bullshit goes" to quote himself!

K said a few things over and over and over for very good reasons. About pitfalls of organizations, about dangers of interpretation and distortion, about cunning animals, thirst for power and control, and very importantly, about the fact that key to disseminating anything is living it.

Some in this circus think K's teachings is protected and is not distort-able. Others, equally wrong, think it's doomed to be sucked into tradition. Both views are irresponsible. And both views have been driving forces in this circus.

There's a dire need for a trace of that supreme intelligence K talked about in this circus of many acts.



Letter About So-called K-World & Grohe

Dear Ted

Many thanks for the note. This is nothing new. The so-called "K world" with its core supposedly being the "Link team" who linked the "world" together, got engaged in some funny things like the rise of Rabindra to top of KFA associated with Jaap taking over KFA which I believe was the worst thing that happened to K's work since the Rajagopal saga. This opinion was not random -- it was due to a number of very disturbing events reported by various people, and first hand experiences and observations. I hope to document all this in a concise format at some point. [add to it the KFT / Brockwood Park mismanagement disaster: ]

The troubling part which makes a person like me who's deeply interested to K and his work, and devoted vast amounts of time studying it, disseminating it, and so on and so forth -- is that K warned about this again and again and we're seeing it first hand. In 1986 I would have guessed it could take a 100 years, if the work is handled recklessly, for it to get to where it is now (30 years later).

You nailed it with the "K circle" & "Kirche" and your observations of indoctrinating K. I wrote an article on K's shortcoming. I'm not afraid of questioning him -- not because he wanted us to, but he did -- he was not small minded like many in key positions in his church. He would have wanted us to expand on what he said, and question him as well in light of research and findings years after his death.

It's on my Facebook discussion group "art of wondering" -- you're welcome to join. It might help you understand why I take on some topics to larger circles. I don't do it for egotistic reasons. If I were after attention I could have a lot more fun ways of doing it than talking in K circles. This example might shed light on it:

Last decade I saw some very disturbing things out of the KLI/Link group (Friedrich Grohe's group, "Gang" as he calls them). So in that VERY SPIRIT OF CARING/AFFECTION you mention, 

I reached out to them -- to a SMALL CIRCLE -- just them -- no gossip or back stabbing but DIRECTLY because I was after results and not entertainment -- result being cleaning their act.

They ignored it time and time again.

I had no choice but to put the matter on public desk, because it was important, and they were engaged in things that was related to K, a public figure, and I knew a lot of people deeply cared about it.

Guess what?

1) A number of trustees and ex-trustees and friends of K wrote thank-you notes saying they wanted to say these things for a long time but never had the courage let's say, to say it. Nobody wanted to deter big money.

2) They did clean up their act in a number of those same areas AFTER the publication -- things they were just ignoring before.

So you see the point of big circle. There's merit to your Shiva reference ;) though it's not quite the same...

Interestingly, another consequence of that publication was coming out of fanatic ideas -- e.g., one lady who blasted me for daring to "write those things" -- I replied gently, "have you read it". "No". She hadn't even read it but was blindly attacking it because she fanatically thought it was an attack on Friedrich whom she is a member of an inner circle (if not the most inner one -- there are various radius beyond the core "gang" which I call "extended gang"). Repercussions of this went far and wide and over some years as some of the other "extended gang" members [Note: Gang is a word used by Friedrich himself -- I didn't make it up] -- used that to blast me in the most unethical way, including lies, including by people who found their way to big power within what you call "Kirch".  The darkness involved -- the psychological complexities of image making, appealing to power, and multitude of  nonsense in the name of K (rings a bell?).

I've always maintained history of what was done to great thinkers' work provides a harsh lesson, further solidifying K's warnings on perils of organizations.  There was never the wisdom in the centers of "K world" to grasp this.  The key problem is group thinking, and a shortage of anything that resembles Supreme Intelligence. Good intentions is not enough, as the saying goes. The backdrop is human stupidity which as Einstein also pointed out is infinite. K tried to shake that up, but with help from people like Mark Lee and some of Friedrich's inner and extended gang, it's falling right into the ditch of tradition, which is what Mark Lee predicted anyway (a ticket to recklessness... -- long story).

I've given up on this. I'm disgusted at what's happening, especially around KFA. Hopefully I will document all this some day for the hands of history.

My worry has been, with Friedrich alive this is what we see. I don't want to imagine what it'll be like when he dies. I love him a lot at a personal level and know he's a very good man with great intentions, and he's studied K's work very deeply -- I could write a book praising him. But his organizations and impacts on the official organizations, and important topics like governance and influence, I view as very problematic.

Kind Regards

Kinfonet's Recklessness

I am finally fedup. As I type this, with huge fonts on top of my screen it says Krishnamurti diaogue. It's time for this board to close its doors or remove the banners that associate it with poor Krishnamurti. I have enough printouts of psychos who have posted here under the banner of Krishnamurti dialogue which if for a moment K would have a glance at it he would flip. This is an organization -- K does not need more organizations or circus around his name. I have waited for months after I wrote to the administrators who completely ignored the message and have not written back. This time I am writing to the trustees because if this board does not stop abusing K's name, there are ways to stop them and I will show the trustees how K's name is being abused. Before I escalate this I give the administrators one more chance to respond and say why on earth they have a K banner on each page of this board, I guess, 80% of which is occupied by nonsense and a few dominating or psychotic persons. And a man from Seattle browses and ends up here : oh, this is Krishnamurti's dialogues. This is an abuse of K's names and I will make sure every trustee sees this and stop this association. K went out of his way in his lifetime to stop getting nonsense associated with him, look what happens 15 years later -- what do you think will happen 150 years later?


Grohe Faucets

I came across this review by chance. I guess Grohe faucets are not as high quality as they used to be:

"I cannot believe Grohe is plastic, and for the same price I can get metal Kohler or Hansgrohe. I am so upset. Why why why do people here like Grohe Movario when even the handshower is mere plastic? The trims are plastic??"

Saanen Gatherings

[I wrote this a long time ago]

In those days Friedrich used to “invite” a large number of people to the summer gatherings in Swiss mountains which were still held in Saanenland, where JK gave talks for some 25 years. Friedrich lives in the adjacent village of Rougemont. He hosted his personal guests in the same village by renting various apartments for them, for a period of up to 3 weeks.

It was a special experience for me, riding bicycle in such rich natural scenery. The Saanen gatherings themselves is a whole other book, but as one can imagine Friedrich had a key role and presence there, given many of the participants were his guests, and the organizer, part of his extended group.

For the years to come, Friedrich’s influence became greater. The gathering itself changed format over the years. The chief organizer, Gisele Balleys, a wonderful lady from a very small village in the Alps where Napoleon stayed at “Bourg St. Pierre” was always open to experimenting with the format of the gathering, and went a lot by what people thought.

For example, they had speakers who’d give a long lecture and people reacted to that and that was changed… The so called “dialogue” format changed, and so on. At some point, it became clear that Friedrich’s “gang” had key roles there.

New “Guru” / KLI

When JK was alive many people were glued to the stage year after year, decade after decade, and some, mesmerized by the man, for some strange reason missed the message. JK himself warned about this repeatedly. After he died, some people still wanted a leader (which JK never claimed to be – if you understood what he said, it was a conversation between two friend, and not a lecture by an authority, something he often reminded his audience about). So given how many Westerners consider Indians as spiritually special (which is not always the case), usually Indians were asked to take leadership roles.

This same fascination with Indians had given rise to the Gurudom, a very lucrative business that capitalized on the West’s spiritual thirst and made tycoons like Maharishi Maheshay Yogi (founder of TM) and Osho (Rajneesh) who had over a 100 Rolly Royces (he was convicted of a crime and deported from the US). Documentary movie review:

Was K merely another guru whose path was no path? I have thought about this for a few reasons but even if there was a trace of his approach having been shaped by proper “placement” as marketers call it, he was absolutely genuine and earlier in life proved to not be a sucker for money, unlike many other gurus who worship money “on the way to Rishikesh” (pervious lyrics of a John Lennon song). Speaking of The Beatles and their association with “Mahesh” as JK called him, John Lennon wrote the song Sexy Sadie with “Maharishi” in mind … “you made a fool of everyone”…

At some point, member of Friedrich’s “Gang”, Javier Gomez Rodriguez was put on the pedestal.  I never found Javier to be very insightful, felt he was slow and boring. But some people, mostly older women who comprise the majority of the gatherings, were at awe with him (LOL).

Javier seemed to have a huge ego, and was abrasive and outright rude at times. What is significant, and the reason I’m bringing this up, is that this is a common theme here. I believe it was his being part of this “gang” which gave him the ticket to put himself at such a high pedestal as to allow himself to blast at people with stupid images and arrogant stance as though he knows exactly what is this person’s life and mind is like, despite very little contact.

This happened to me, and it happened to a friend who sent a letter to Friedrich and got a “gang” response – a bunch of people he didn’t know were copied, and Javier had criticized him and made assumptions as though he knows exactly what that person’s life and mind is though they’d never met. I later heard another run in with Javier by a lady.

I wrote a letter to Javier about one particular interaction in which he blasted me in a cultist manner.

Of course people (rarely) change. I’m just providing impressions in a small blip of time – and as they say in Persian, the world is two days: our entire lifetimes being but a blip.

The Organizer

I heard that the organizer of the gatherings, Madam Gisele Balleys receives or received money from KLI towards her running of a Krishnamurti information center in Geneva, i.e., in her apartment. Also a bulk of her income at the gatherings, especially when it was much more lucrative (as far as I could tell) when it was in Saanen, came from Friedrich’s group and their guests.

Also there’s a level of loyalty given to Friedrich by people who view him as the good benevolent man he is, which I agree with, but the cultist, polarized attitude of some is dangerous and leads to fanaticism and its associated ignorance and out the window goes a key point of JK’s work: inquiry into truth, love of wisdom, philosophy.

For example, when I published the Fifth Foundation report, one of these characters whom I’d rather not name blasted me for writing it. I said: have you even read it? Answer was No !! This is extremely cultist: to defend a person by attacking a critic without even having read the critique!

Anyway, Friedrich and his gang have a strong influence on the Swiss gatherings which are now held in another village, Muerren and get a smaller crowd, of largely the same folks year after year, with some new blood from time to time.

A friend of mine who attended the Saanen Gathering said many who come here have some kind of a psychological issue. I think he was right, but overall they’re a good group and some serious inquiry takes place, plus, the best part: mountain walks.

Ray McCoy of Friedrich Grohe Gang and KFT

Ray McCoy worked at the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) in the UK (Hampshire) / Brockwood Park School.

He had a good mind and did a good job of editing some Krishnamurti books. He was quite a tense, caffeinated man. I met him in the Saanen gatherings after Krishnamurti died. He was always brought there by Friedrich Grohe -- paid trip - and unlike others who stays in a chalet as a group, he stayed in a hotel in Saanen -- paid by Friedrich. Friedrich sometimes put his guests in various residences but sometimes they were included in the big Chalet Rosey in Schoenried - and this tradition continued after the gathering moved to other villages -- most recent being Muerren (Mürren). For years these were organized by Gisele Balleys but most recently other organizers are increasingly prominent due to Gisele's old age.

Aside from being an employee of KFT, Ray McCoy was also part of the Friedrich Grohe's inner circle, which Friedrich referred to as the Gang - but not so much in the foreground, I suppose due to his employment with KFT -- not to mention that the current head of KFT, Raman Patel, is also part of the Grohe Gang and I assume he is still on Friedrich Grohe's payroll. 

Ray worked with the Gang on some areas which I do not have nor am interested details of - but I've seen his name associated with a donation to Rabindra Singh's Hawaiian property which a lady by name of Sally Walker made and then she was worried about how the money was spent. Ray was included in that correspondence. I believe Ray was also a figure in some fund that Friedrich set up, etc. - but details are irrelevant.  See section on Sally Walker:

I wrote the following among other things, to Ray McCoy because at times he was giving me a hard time because he's a tense guy and because Grohe Gang doesn't like me because I call a spade as a spade (e.g. my investigative report: The Fifth Foundation:  -- so he was getting on my case for no valid reason. But I countered it with reason / and my "pen". I also wrote a complaint against him, which is reprinted below. 

We also had many good interactions -- he was a rational man most of the time and we had many good interactions. I also have experience dealing with tense people (e.g. a dragon lady client that fired every other system consultant but kept me for longer than anyone).



Dear Ray


Kindly speaking, you had no right to harass me about having brought my guitar to the Study Centre. Your condemning statement: “you’re not here to have a quiet time otherwise you wouldn’t bring your guitar”, followed by referring to it sarcastically as “your trademark”, speak for themselves as being clearly out of place. For your information:


1) It is not against the Centre’s rules to have a musical instrument along.

2) I have visited the Centre for almost 10 years, and never had a problem with complaints about noise, because I practice outside, on a distant bench. You maintain that is still disturbing – you are absolutely wrong. If a person is disturbed by a sound they can not even hear, then they must have a disturbed state of mind!

3) You know, K loved the classical guitar and if you search the CD-ROM you’ll find his admiration for it as he referred to it as a good example of “skill-in-action”. He attended Pepe Romero’s concert in Ojai and met him backstage. Andres Segovia the father of modern guitar played for him in Rome.

4) Being a professional guitarist (as well as a management consultant), I need to practice every day. Also, I practice during the long journey to get there and back. This is why I bring the guitar.

5) The guitar is serious work. You might view it as merely entertainment, as an unreligious thing. That is a dangerous view shared by ultra-conservative so called religious authorities.

6) The guitar has no authority but it heals wounds. It brings beauty, it quietens the mind, it brings people together, it brings happiness to a world ridden by conflict and sorrow. Healing the mind was a key intention of K – remember? Music is healing. There’s plenty of scientific material on this.

7) I checked with more than a couple of trustees who said there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an instrument at the centre as long as it is not played there. Some maintain that even playing there, as long as it is subtle classical music and it does not disturb others, is ok. Anyway, I do not play it there, and in fact I refused to play in the last weekend’s intended musical evening.

8) I respect the atmosphere of the centre very much and I am trusted with this to the extent that Mrs. Zimbalist asked me to keep an eye on the musical evening some people had proposed, so that they do not play the wrong kind of music... In fact, I asked the group to change its plans and this event manifested outdoors, far from the centre, and with no guitar. It was totally impromptu and was a lot of fun. During the evening walk one of the participants, a fantastic Irish recorder player who had managed to borrow a recorder from the school conversed with the birds with sweet notes, and while we watched the sunset together one chap who runs a K information centre sang a song, followed by others singing, telling jokes, and one lady did some traditional dance movements to the sound of recorder, claps, and rhythm! As Plato put it, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”. Fredericke Nietszche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”


Ray, I tell you my perception – if they’re wrong, please discard them and don’t hold a grudge, if there’s a grain of truth in them, then I haven’t wasted your time. A beggar might tell us something and walk away. He is not important. The message might be. I approached you on Sunday completely spontaneously.  If I hadn’t, you had no intention to communicate despite the images you’ve been carrying. It would have been perfectly alright with you carrying those conclusions, and adding to them, like you have been for the past many years.


I respect your freedom to your opinion, but since you’re a Secretary of the Foundation, what you think effects my relationship with the Foundation, and this is the main reason I am spending all this energy in conveying these things. As an official of the foundation you have to be extra careful not to be an authority. Authority comes from the will to power, the desire for control. Hatred is a dark force. When the heart is washed from hatred, it can never come back, and the heart becomes incapable of holding grudges.


Dear Ray, here are some tips of stress reduction that might be helpful:


1)    Caffeine = Stress (for most people). K has said a lot on it which is available on the CD-ROM. I understand that he basically maintains that a minority of folks may need it physiologically, but for most, it is merely used as a stimulant. And stress is its side-effect! Nescafe Gold Serenade is naturally decaffeinated.

2)    Yoga and its derivative exercises are really helpful. Flexibility is essential for health and happiness of the body. Dominique is an excellent yoga teacher. I’ve been doing yoga since even before I met K, and find it tremendous.

3)    as well as the psyche: rigidity is an attribute of authority! You know monasteries are very authoritarian, they’re also very rigid.


I don’t know if you consume alcohol [I believe he did, moderately], but it is not healthy for the brain and body, and there are recent doubts on its health benefits for the heart. Men’s brains shrink faster than women as they age – and this is linked to lack of happiness (I have the scientific article if you’re interested). Yoga probably helps in this area as it increases blood flow to the brain and reverses gravity.


Added sugar is bad news – the breakfast cereals at the Centre have sugar. By controlling sugar intake you stabilize energy level and mood, and reduce certain vitamin depletion.  A lot more health tips are on my website.


Another tip, for whatever it maybe worth, is to take a leave of absence, to go travel, meet new people, and face some challenges in an unprotected environment in which you’re not a boss. Picking up an instrument or singing is also fantastic. A girlfriend could also do you good ;-)      [I didn't say that but am adding it to the list now in 2024 :-)  ]


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Centre last weekend. David Skitt patiently took all the tough questions and answered them wisely, and Mary Zimbalist’s presence by itself was enough to make the weekend.

An unedited, unfinished, unsent letter to Friedrich Grohe

By Reza Ganjavi - January 2021 

Dear Friedrich

Happy new year. I hope it's a good one for you and for the world. I was dreaming last night about you and all the good that you done, for example, bringing people together. You funded travels for many people, including myself, to come together, share togetherness, share philosophical inquiries, and experience for example, the immense beauty of nature in places like Swiss Alps, Lake District, Hampshire, Black Forest, and you're funded travels of many students and teachers to India.

I have also witnessed firsthand the agony you went through to help save Brockwood Park School from financial trouble. And I know you've donated to many charity projects. And I know you've done many other good things.

I love you dearly as a person. You're one of the sweetest, kindest persons I've ever known. I also admire your lifestyle. I've learned many things from you. You taught me to Exercise routines, yoga, etc. (eye exercises, etc.), pranayamas (breathing exercises) that J. Krishnamurti taught you.

Also your holistic life, and/or whatever other mystery and energy that are available for people who live a holistic life, and perhaps even, who touched people of super energetic powers like J. Krishnamurti (who is not a guru or leader -- just a great man who walked this Earth to help others find truth on their own, etc...) allowed healing powers to flow through your hands -- something perhaps nobody thought about.

I asked you to touch my right knee which was injured when I was a teenager and had never healed. When I got out of the train at the next station, after that "healing session", a ball of energetic something rushed from the knee to the foot and out of the foot and the knee has been healed ever since. This is 100% a fact.

I also met Krishnamurti the same year you first did. I walked next to him, I sat a couple of meters away from him, front row and center, in numerous talks (some 15 times), and he gave me a red rose which I still have. And he pointed out many truths that I already knew, but I didn't know that I knew, and many pointers, that opened many doors, to great insights.

Those insights have helped many people. They've helped save lives. I have experienced this first hand, on multiple locations, with various people. It is not J. Krishnamurti. It is insight, wisdom, vision, intelligence, love, caring, responsibility, truth, power of observation, patience, etc., etc. which a person learns in life, as part of human growth, from parents, teachers, friends, others. J. Krishnamurti was just one of them, but a very wise one. Again, I'm not a believer in what he says, or a sheepish follower -- in fact I believe he also had shortcoming which I believe he recognized it. So it's absolutely essential, that as he also pointed out, for a person who is studying his work, to be critical and not follow him.

I know you've done a lot to make his teachings known to others. And I'm sure this has helped many lives.

I wrote to you in 2007, a letter which I titled The Fifth Foundation -- referring to your organization.  You call yourselves “the Gang”. I believe most of them are still there -- but I don't know if Nick Short is.

I believe you're now in your 90s. May you live many many more years. My uncle just turned 98, knock on wood, and he lives on his own and takes care of himself, and still has a sharp clear mind. He was the head of the Iranian National Gas Company before the Revolution.

The Fifth Foundation referred to the fact that your organization has equal if not more power than the official foundations which were set up around Krishnamurti's work when he was alive (and which he dreaded and barely tolerated -- he wanted to abolish the Indian foundation -- he called the American Foundation an idiotic foundation for very good reasons that today me know why). He spent decades talking about the pitfalls and perils of organizations. He repeatedly said that joke of evil man rejoicing when a person found truth because he said he'll help the person organize it.

Krishnamurti was no fool. He was one of the wisest in modern history. In Iran Rumi scholars say they understood parts of Rumi that they couldn't before, after reading Krishnamurti. The  list of testimonials is long. And he was well-traveled. And he talked with many many people. He held private discussions and public discussions with thousands of people, and knew human problems, and solutions that helped thousands of people live a happier, simpler, less complicated lives.

Such a person repeatedly warned about pitfalls of organizations. That needs to be taken seriously. That was a key message I sent you in 2007. And I had to do it in such a public away, when the private way was getting ignored in the clout and cloud of the "gang".

The response I got was not unforeseen. Several of Krishnamurti's truly close friends wrote thanking me,  that they have wanted to say these things, but they couldn't because of your financial muscle (they didn’t want to upset big money). And many others also thanked me. Only a couple of fanatics who had not even bothered reading this letter, reacted negatively, trying to “protect” or provoke you -- while those who read the letter that this wasn't a personal matter. It was about issues that I enumerated.

I was happy to see some changes came about within the behavior and actions of the gang. A few items permanently, but for the most part, soon enough, the force of habit of status quo and currents of power were re-seated. I believe, one of the key concerns I voiced in that letter, was, look at these serious issues with the gang, and this is while you're alive -- I do not want to imagine the day when God-delay, you pass away.

Fast forward through what's happened since then, to today. I still have serious, and ever more concerns about your Gang and the power you implicitly give them - for the very same reasons that Krishnamurti dreaded organizations. Those very things that he predicted and dreaded have happened, to your organization, and to some of the official Krishnamurti organization, and in that context, your organization's influence on them, are undeniable.

How could it be that such a benevolent, sweet, compassionate, good man, with impeccable good intentions, could have an organization that would negatively impact other organizations? The answer can probably be summarized into words: Money, Power.

You happen to be very wealthy, and everybody in these circles knows that, and your public profile and actions speak that. I know you donated a huge amount of money towards building the Study Center at Brockwood. 

Your financial muscle influences the K organizations, directly, and indirectly, via its clout, and clout of the gang members which they derive by being on your payroll. That was a reason many people could not tell you things that they wanted to, because nobody wants to get on the wrong side of big money.

I'm not short of things to do, and I am not seeking money from you, and never have. I've had a very good paying career as an IT specialist, program/project manager, management consultant, business analyst, and earlier, software engineer. But if you need somebody to do an audit of your organization, don't hesitate to ask me -- I'll do it for free. So not having done that, my views are from a distance.

Let me put this very bluntly dear Friedrich. I suggest that while you're alive, you trim down your gang. Officially renounce the association to most of them and make a public statements to that effect. I don't know exactly the kind of financial arrangement you have with them, but I assume Raman Patel, Rabindra Singh, Javier Gomez Rodrigues are on your payroll, as are Claudia Herr and Jurgen Brandt. I don't know if Nick Short still is.

I would suggest that you consider retiring Raman, Rabindra and Javier immediately. I don't know you probably feel obliged to pay their salary for the rest of their lives - or give them a lump-sum severance package, or whatever.

Raman and Rabindra are what I call your "long arms". They were your missionaries who traveled around for a long time. Whether this was intended or not, they were perceived as your representatives, and representatives of big-money, deep pockets. That gave them tremendous power, with negative repercussions.

A friend of Rabindra said that when he was "discovered" by you, he reportedly said he will be like a guru and make it to the top like cream of crop. Sure enough, he became the Chairman of Board of KFA. He also brought Jaap Sluijter, the Executive Director who is the worst thing that's happened to KFA, in my opinion, since the Rajagopal fiasco. It would have been impossible to Jaap to behave as he did, had it not been for the backing of your long-arm, Rabindra. It's in a queue on my to-write list, to document the facts that have led I and some others to form this opinion.

To be fair, "long-arm" is not a very good depiction since it implies the brain behind the puppet is the master who just uses the arm -- because I don't believe you're explicitly calling the shots, or even have all the facts. It's the power structure that's the problem, as is often the case in

I have heard from various people that Raman has a huge power in Brockwood's management / political structure without being an internal staff member, external staff, or Trustee [and turned out to be a major force behind the KFT/Brockwood Park Mismanagement, that we identified through some 70 interviews]

There's no way that Raman and Rabindra could have been in these positions had it not been for their being part of your gang.

I documented one incident of Javier putting himself on such a high horse to allow himself to behave as he has -- again -- which nobody I know would ever do, unless they're tarred with this sense of "power" associated with being part of your gang.

It's not my business to know what they all do. I can totally appreciate what Claudia and Jurgen do -- in personally taking care of you, and taking care of your accounts, etc. -- but from what I see Javier still writes these boring articles that fill pages of your "newsletter" which is printed in huge numbers at a huge cost and use of paper. You don't need that. I love your newsletter and it could totally do without Javier's rants.

Michael Krohnen

Someone wrote: “…Michael Krohnen … answered and when I answered again to him, he forwarded my email to Friedrich Grohe and never wrote again. Then Mr. Grohe wrote to me, sent me various books and we exchanged some mails. Then, he forwarded one of my mails to Jürgen Brandt. Now, I have one question: Do you know, if Michael Krohnen, Jürgen Brandt and Marta (the secretary from Portugal who writes Grohe’s Emails) are part of the "Gang"? Strange, to ask this kind of question, but those people are so close and I would like to know it.”


Krohnen is part of what I call “extended gang” or the second circle around Grohe. Brandt is part of the inner circle “the gang”. He acted as Grohe's agent in Ojai, California, giving away Grohe's material (although it's against Jaap's military-style set of rules he instated which prohibits giving anything to the guests. But when Friedrich is there he gives his book and newsletters to guests, and Krohnen does the same, and that is ok (LOL). 

See file on Jaap Sluijter for more details: 

See files on Michael Krohnen for more details: