Why Jaap Sluijter, the Executive Director of Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA) Jaap Sluijter Is A Disgrace To Krishnamurti

The flower J. Krishnamurti gave Reza Ganjavi


Rajagopal, Worst Thing That Happened To K, Before Jaap Sluijter

Rajagopal was the editor of Krishnamurti's best selling book, Think on These Things. Rajagopal was very jealous of K. They left India about the same time and set sail towards a joint destination but K was to be the "world teacher" and Rajagopal was always a step behind. K had the brilliant mind, and Rajagopal took the path of physical chastity and was gone long times at a time to the point that his beautiful wife, Rosalind (whom I met when she was very old - and was still radiantly beautiful thought she had lost her mind to dementia), was having an affair with K. The three of them were very close, like family.

Rajagopal was a key player in early K publications but became a thief. K resembled him to the banker who claims the money people deposited is his. This led to an ugly long legal fight - probably given continuity by the lawyers who were being paid by K's close wealthy wonderful friend, Mary Zimbalist, whom I visited many times, including at her house.

Rajagopal's daughter wrote an awful book about K's relationship with his mother -- a book that had a lot of logical inconsistencies and was more of a tabloid than an account of history.

Rajagopal is viewed by many as the worse thing that ever happened to K. Until Jaap Sluijter came along.

Jaap Sluijter, Worst Things That Happened To Krishnamurti, Ever

In my view, based on observations, information, personal experience, and experience of others I know, Jaap Sluijter is the worst thing that happened to K; for many reasons, which will be outlined herein.

Jaap's Recruitment By Friedrich Grohe & Gang

Jaap was brought in to KFA as part of the naive millionaire, Friedrich Grohe's Gang's infilteration of Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA) after Mary Zimbalist dies. Until then Mary Z was keeping Grohe and his gang at an arm's length. I was volunteering at KFA at the time and witnessed how the gang was moving in, powered by Grohe's money and clout and influence mongering. Contrary to the boss, some of the Gang as they call themselves are not naive and to the contrary know exactly how to keep Grohe "happy" by feeding him what they want him to hear while using his clout and money to further their agenda -- to the point that people close to Grohe are saying that he's almost out of money. I heard him say that himself -- and one of his closest friends said the Gang spending money on his credit cards, and the pure expense associated with supporting the Gang's salaries and expenses, has run the big-time multi-millionaire into saying he's almost out of money. Of course that's relative. For Grohe to be "out of money" I supposed means his 50 million of whatever is now down to 10 million -- or 5 million -- plus real-estate and maybe he still has the big box of jewellery and precious metals his wife was telling people he has, with diamonds, etc. -- who knows.

Grohe's Influence Mongering at Krishnamurti Foundations

What we do know is that Grohe's influence mongering in the K foundations is undeniable. A man showing up in the last 3 years of K's life, taking over two of his three foundations some years after K's work. Mind you, the incompatibility of intellect. K was a giant. Grohe is a apparently spoiled son of a rich plumbing supplies company owner, and is apparently not an independent thinker, and hires people to think for him.

I've known Friedrich Grohe for many years, been on many walks with him, one on one, and even stayed at his house, and he healed my knee after an injury that lingered for years, and he's helped the foundations and schools -- he was a "guardian angel" at some point who turned into a "fallen angel" as a K's close friend put it, because of the viciousness of his Gang, and in my opinion, his own small-minded, myopic, uneducated, naive vision that he knows what is best for Krishnamurti Foundations.

He infiltrated KFA and KFT -- but he was reportedly chased away from KFI. Radhika Herzberger Jayakar, whom unlike Grohe can think for herself, and was one of K's best friends, writer, educationist and scholar, reportedly told Grohe's Gang to take their money, leave and don't look back. What a good move!

Grohe's influence at Krishnamurti Foundation Trust / Brockwood Partk School / Inwoods was disastrous. We did a two-year research involving over 70 witnesses and had no idea Grohe influence was a factor but by the end it became very clear the chaos could have been totally prevented had it not been for Grohe's deep rooted influence mongering, and his puppets including Raman Patel (who's on his payroll and is now an Executive Director of KFT), and others. See: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

Grohe & Gang's History Of Incompetent Recruitment For K Foundations

Refer to what's said above about incompatibility of K and Grohe, from an intellectual standpoint. One witness said K treated Grohe like a kid.

Grohe & Gang have had a history of making poor judgments on recruiting for the foundations -- which was part of their influence mongering -- using their clout, money, influence, to instate disastrous candidates in key roles at the K foundations -- like Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian. See: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

Jaap Was Another Disaster Recruitment Of Grohe & Gang


Warning To Jaap Sluijter About His Dishonest Conduct

6 January 2022

Hey Jaap Sluijter

Listen up. I got information from a witness today that you lied about me. Don't push your luck. I take my rights very seriously. Just because I ignored you after you intentionally promoted a falsehood that you knew was false, as fact, which is the definition of lying and dishonest conduct, it doesn't mean you can go around and keep lying about me. Repeating a lie will just suck you deeper into the hole of moral decay you dived into by your dishonest conduct -- so don't make the mistake of thinking you can make a falsehood turn into truth by repeating it.

People of average intelligence and decency know that much - or were taught by their parents that much. But you're a special kind of creature and you are everything K dreaded, in my opinion, based on seeing your behavior and idiotic and dishonest remarks.

Per your own admission you come from a "religious background so any bullshit goes". Your Bullshit will not go with me. Remember that.

Think twice next time you decide to lie about me. Karma is a bitch.

Reza Ganjavi, MBA

  • K repeatedly warned about how power corrupts, and dangers of truth getting organized, and perils of organizations. Jaap made all that become a reality.


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Oak Grove where Krishnamurti spoke for 60+ years turned into a cemetary of trees and filthy party place of drinkers and druggies after Jaap Sluijter became Executive Director, appointed by Friedrich Grohe and Gang / his employee Rabindra Singh who's a trustee of KFA too and property and/or business associate of Jaap in Hawaii.

Rabindra Singh (employee of Friedrich Grohe) and their appointee Jaap Sluijter whom as an Executive Director took KFA to a new low.

Critique of Ravi Ravindra (& Mark Lee, Jaap Sluijter. KFA Krishnamurti Foundation America Hypocrisy)

Reza Ganjavi's dialogue with Tom Heggestad. Despite a life-long service to KFA, and having cancer all over his body, Jaap Sluijter still made him because of Jaap's stupid, crude, insensitive, compromised attitude and shortage of love, wisdom, intelligence that Krishnamurti talks about, and because Jaap is clueless about Krishnamurti's work otherwise he would live some of those teachings.

The flower J. Krishnamurti gave Reza Ganjavi

Before Jaap KFA spent 53000/ year maintaining the Oak Grove